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  1. laredo

    Selling: PVP Limited E.L.M. swords and E.L.M. Marin Stalker

    Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L) T 6.1 tt 0.37 300 ped Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L) T 7.0 tt 0.35 350 ped Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L) T 6.0 tt 0.11 100 ped Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L) T 6.6 tt 0.12 100 ped Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L) T 8.0 tt 0.54 600 ped...
  2. laredo

    Selling: Mayhem Arm Guards (F)

    Selling Mayhem Arm Guards (F) BO 5k sold
  3. laredo

    Selling: I rent out Mod Merc T8.9, Hypercharged 204, MOD 2600, CR 2015

    If somebody need I am ready to rent out some my items or sell it: Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary T8.9 - 250 ped per week 60k pledged as collateral Hypercharged Omegaton A204 - 250 per week 30k pledged as collateral both, amp with MM 450 ped per week, for month ...... i ready to discuss it...
  4. laredo

    Selling: Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Hypercharged Omegaton A204, Adj Boar, FAP MOD 2600

    Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary T8.9 - 65k Hypercharged Omegaton A204 - 35k Boar Adjusted - 7.5k EMT_kit_Ek-2600_Modified - 8.5k Christmas Ring 2015 - 9k for both MM & Hyper204 - 99k Hyper A204 wont be sell before the MM for all items - 115k
  5. laredo

    Selling: Adjusted Boar (M) FULL SET

    I am selling Adjusted Boar (M) full set BO 7.5k
  6. laredo

    Buying: Boar (M) gloves.

    Buying Boar (M) gloves PM pls
  7. laredo

    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis set (M) BO 2.5k

    Selling armor Adjusted Nemesis full set (M) BO 2.5k PM
  8. laredo

    Buying: Boar (M) UL Parts

    Buying Boar (M) UL Parts : shin, arm guards, thigh, gloves. PM pls.
  9. laredo

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2015

    Selling Christmas Ring 2015 BO 22k PM
  10. laredo

    Buying: Adjusted Nemesis Gloves (M)

    Buing Adjusted Nemesis Gloves (M) waiting offers
  11. laredo

    Buying: Omegaton A204 Hypercharged for

    if somebody wanna to sell A204 Hypercharged i ready to buy ones for: Overcharged 204+Athenic Ring Perfected+3k waiting offers
  12. laredo

    Selling: Large Chadriak Mushrooms

    I am selling Large Chadriak Mushroms PM PLS ----- Info: It's the main ingredient for adj/imp/mod ek-2600: To get Mod ek-2600 you need total of: - 75 large chadriak mushrooms - 6 regular Ek-2600 - 7 Regenrative Gel = 140 Daily Tokens (1 is exchanged for 20 daily tokens) if somebody...
  13. laredo

    Selling: Modified Ek-2600

    Selling Modified Ek-2600 BO 14k
  14. laredo

    Buying: Hypercharged A105

    buyind Hypercharged A105 waiting offers pm pls
  15. laredo

    Selling: Angel SGA M T1.9, Modified Ek-2600, Camo Arms Jungle Stalker T6.8

    Angel SGA M T1.9 BO 20k SOLD Accept Mayhem armor Modified Ek-2600 BO 14k SOLD CLOSE THREAD PLS
  16. laredo

    Selling: Modified 2600

    Selling Modified EMT 2600 BO 15K PM pls
  17. laredo

    Selling: Emik L4 T8.6, Modified Ek-2600, Adj FAP T5.4, Angel SGA M T1.9

    Selling some items: Emik L4 T8.9 - SB 37k BO 38k Remaining tiers: 73, 63 http:// Angel SGA M T1.9 SB 19.5 BO 20.5k http://
  18. laredo

    Selling: Pristine and radiant crystal

    Selling pristine crystals shard PM please
  19. laredo

    Buying: Emik Enigma L4

    I ready to buy Emik Enigma L4. i am waiting offers
  20. laredo

    Selling: Full ESI

    Selling full tt ESI SB: 720 BO: 740 PM here or in game. Thanks! SOLD
  21. laredo

    Selling: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-1 Gauss Rifle

    I am selling Kaiser-Graf HVMR-1 Gauss gun T2 :thumbup: SB TT + 4K BO TT + 8K This gun doesn't do much damage, but this one very good for increasing rare skill such as Gauss Weaponry Technology
  22. laredo

    Selling: Full male Angel SGA Tier 1 all parts

    Selling full M Angel SGA Tier 1.9 all parts 21k SB - 23K BO good armor for Feffox and Chomper I will accept Shadow M, and will add peds Awaiting offers.
  23. laredo

    Buying: Full ТТ ESI

    I'm buying full tt ESI. Please contact me if you have any to sell.
  24. laredo

    Selling: DOA Strikehammer

    SB: tt+19.8k BO: tt+23.5k only Peds.
  25. laredo

    Buying: Rifle skills

    Buying rifle skills 450 + 450 or 900 esi, price 1000%.