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  1. Mel

    HoF: Nice Eomon old coughed up an item

  2. Mel

    14.8k Rextelum Strong

  3. Mel

    Uber: 43434 ped Eomon old

    nice, gz,.. swirls should get bigger the bigger the hof is, this would be a nice swirlnado
  4. Mel

    HoF: Just looted this bad boy about 30m agao :)

  5. Mel

    Uber: 34k tower

    Gigantic grats
  6. Mel

    Achievement: lvl 100 dmg

  7. Mel

    Achievement: Natural level 100 on 66 USD

    You rock!
  8. Mel

    How CODEX META Human Are You? Highest Known!

    154 here
  9. Mel

    Question: Lowest total skill count to reach a profession level of 100?

    Was 320k skillls for me to reach 100 lsr dmg, 100 lsr pistol hit, 250hp, lvl 50 evader. All in same month. At the time I was lvl 90 lsr rifle w/9.2k rifle skills, and only have 10k in like blp dmg, melee skills, so can subtract those to roughly 300k, minus crafting, except laser weapons tech...
  10. Mel

    News: Summer Mayhem 2020 Results

    Gz to the winners. I would like to whine, but it's a winners thread.
  11. Mel

    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    register Hormel Mel Jorell
  12. Mel

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    First it's a bug, then it's unintended yog pet buff. What it is, is disgusting. People exploiting almost 2 years? The players have to demand that past Mayhems, where this was exploited, be looked at? Really? That 2 years of exploitation by some players ALL the time, be just "oh well", and...
  13. Mel

    Info: Gorgon Armor Stats, pics and upgrade details.

    Is it soul bound?
  14. Mel

    Buying: Where are all the Improved M2870?

    They will pry mine out of my hand when they shut the servers down.
  15. Mel

    Best Atrox spots

    If you want a constant supply of dominants, there's a small spawn of trox Doms with some Trax OA just SE of Troy. You need a tagger, but if Doms are ur thing.
  16. Mel

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.5

    One of the creepiest things I ever saw, and this was long time ago in yellow pvp above Atlantis, where Calamusoids were. A family group, all conjoined, male+female+children..made that way, 3-4 mobs that all split apart when you attacked. Only saw one like this, thought my angel must be in...
  17. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    bump it up
  18. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    Bump to the OC A204...;p
  19. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    bumpers up
  20. Mel

    Selling: Weapon Damage Enahancer 1 and 2 BP's

    100qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 1, and 89.3qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 2 Blueprints for sale. 90k clicks for qr already done for you. 600 ped for both. sold
  21. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    Omegaton A204 Overcharged Selling this beauty, first 7k offer takes it. Fits on a lot of lasers, more lazors.
  22. Mel

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Tried all above fixes, had to uninstall/reinstall, and only calypso downloaded since is where i am...good to go.
  23. Mel

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Exact same for me, last pop-up is try again anti-virus running.