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  1. OZtwo

    Consolidated release notes for VU 16.1, 2019/03/14

    Thank you for the post! But sad that we can't learn what happened on NI since it was the second largest planet to get an update. I guess ND is still managing it?
  2. OZtwo

    Selling: [Sollomate Opalo FEN Edition]

    And OpaloMan says: Sorry, my SGA has better stats. But was interested. well, still am kind of but well.
  3. OZtwo

    Avatar Statue Auctions

    Very cool! I still need to sand mine. (yes I even have one :) )
  4. OZtwo

    Letter from the CEO

    One of the main issues MA needs to work on is the allotted time frame for any given project. If you plan an idea you should finish it and not end the project when you hit the end date planned for the overall project to be complete. If you plan a project and the sales do not work out as you had...
  5. OZtwo

    Question: What is the history of Mindark using a custom Cry2 Engine

    It's been a long time but I have been asked about Mindark's use of a custom built cry2 engine for MA's RCE support. Anyone have more information on this?
  6. OZtwo

    ComPet Announcement

    Rick. Sad to say this was all before the first version of the game was release. This was their idea yet when they got back what they asked for it wasn't exactly as planned and from there is when we saw the changes of Compets taking on a new theme away from the main theme of EU. It was only...
  7. OZtwo

    ComPet Announcement

    Great to hear! I was wondering what Kim was up to these days.
  8. OZtwo

    ComPet Announcement

    We talked about this, but sad to say this is the main issue. Since MA did outsource the project MA wasn't willing to give up EU's inter-workings and is why we got the version of Compets that we did.
  9. OZtwo

    ComPet Announcement

    Yes, I feel really bad about him right now. Mostly due to his last post a week or so ago on the Compet forum about how Compets wasn't dead and all that MA had to be doing to make it right. I just didn't feel it was worth a reply. But it is very good that MA is at least open about this and will...
  10. OZtwo

    Making Space Inviting(+ lootable people?)

    Kind of funny but I think the only one with this idea was mine and for some odd reason no one likes it -- mostly the pirates which again is sad since it shows that the only reason they play in space is so they can steal real money from others who had to deposit to collect such supplies in hopes...
  11. OZtwo

    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    Well, it is kind of sad but I think a version of the State of the Universe address can still be seen on the DeepToken website where they posted all that happened this year and plans for the future for both DT and mostly EU. BUT since that tanked we were never given that speech here with MA...
  12. OZtwo

    Entropia Universe 15.17.2 Release Notes

    That about sum up how exactly it happened. Other than you did forget that Sven got a very late night call from David yelling once again bloody murder! "DO NOT MAKE ME HAVE TO FLY ALL THE WAY TO Sweden Again!?!?!%$#!"
  13. OZtwo

    Entropia Universe 15.17.2 Release Notes

    The simple answer to all this is simply make us lootable as mobs. We hunt each other and get a global off each other as we do with mobs. The only issue many will come up with about this, more or less, is that we would then not be able to steal from others. No fun in that. Well, sorry since EU is...
  14. OZtwo

    Compet Payout ROI

    Yes, even I put up red flags way before Compets was set on paper. I still remember so many laughing at me when I stated that my thought was that MA would not linked the two games. It was only after Compets was released and crashed when MA said 'maybe in the future' with people then yelling at...
  15. OZtwo

    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    Yes we can only hope that the new just out of college CEO can get his head out of DeepToken and back into the game itself. I feel some good will come in time, just remember that the current state of the game: We haven't even gotten this years State of the Union Address yet.
  16. OZtwo

    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    I'm very sorry to read this. MA can kiss their little ass if that makes you feel better. Sorry MA but if you can't get hold of us you just need to keep trying! There is NO DAMN time limited on this unless of course you simply give the MONEY BACK!
  17. OZtwo

    I lost it!!

    I myself stopped streaming, and more, depositing when MA changed the global value -- also maybe due to the simple fact I was running out of storage space. But I do miss making those stupid 50ped global videos. :)
  18. OZtwo

    FYI: Targeted Pirate Blockade Planet Calypso

    Well, I had a feeling this may happen. Yes, OMG, OpaloMan didn't come in and side with him about the pirate issue!:eyecrazy: What is sad here is I had a feeling he hadn't gone to space yet and had no idea about the pvp lootable area of space. :( It would be best for all to just leave him...
  19. OZtwo

    I lost it!!

    Well seen that you been here since 2005 I would say you need a break. Sorry but any and all life actives in one way or another will loose that spark. A lot here seem to get tired of the game they once loved due to this simple fact yet will hang around talking about the old times when it was fun...
  20. OZtwo

    Fix space logout exploit

    Or they could just make the game a hole lot funner by making us loot just as mobs when shot down? Think of the fun in that? And yes, we would need MS even more to try and get to one planet to the other without some ass trying to get an ATH off us. Yes this is a game. BUT it is simply a game...
  21. OZtwo

    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    Look at it this way: You buy a new Land Area and after you buy the Land Area you are not given the Deed. Very simple way to look at it and is exactly what is going on here. And yes, if you want to get picky about the Deed then look at it this way: You buy the Land Area and are given the Deed...
  22. OZtwo

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Lucky you. May 9th (May 10th MA Date) and I'm still waiting. I kind of understand the long wait being my first time but still. :) Update: July 23: Committed Update 2: July 25: In Bank TY MA :)
  23. OZtwo

    FYI: Spacejanitors Atrox Paradise LA # 02 Under new ownership.

    GRATZ! See wait and it will happen :)
  24. OZtwo

    Real Reason why LA are selling so hard.

    Well, it is not just MA who is slow but the game itself. So just remember to take it slow and have fun while waiting. And yes, GL.
  25. OZtwo

    FYI: Land Area # 53 Segna Forest

    I hope you are slowly understanding that the mob in question can only stay on FOMA? Also 100k USD not PEDs here. GL and I hope you figure something out. If you do have this much money around and you will not be starting an investment thread then I would go with having MA create a new mob just...