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  1. OZtwo

    Question: What is the history of Mindark using a custom Cry2 Engine

    It's been a long time but I have been asked about Mindark's use of a custom built cry2 engine for MA's RCE support. Anyone have more information on this?
  2. OZtwo

    A Walk Across Calypso

    For many years I have always posted unedited videos. Well this last few weeks I've been playing around with what one can do with video editing. One project I have been wanting to work on for a while is a simple speed up video of one walking across Planet Calypso. Of course the main issue was...
  3. OZtwo

    Selling: Selling items on all Planets

    If you would like to buy any item listed here, you can contact me in game between 1600 and 0400 EU time. My in game name is: Kent OZtwo OpaloMan. List is updated daily at around 1630 EU Time Calypso Total Items listed: 276 Calypso: Thule Total Items listed: 148 Arkadia Total Items listed: 402...
  4. OZtwo

    R.I.P Jarman!

    Posted on Facebook: I am posting to let each of you know, that Erik [Jarman] was in a motorcycle accident Tuesday, May 31 at approximately 5:20pm. Erik died at the scene head trauma and internal injuries. I have lost the love of my life. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I will update...
  5. OZtwo

    Selling: Selling Items in Arkadia Storage

    Hello all, Been a long time but I think I should start selling off some of my items here. This is just a small part of my inventory here on Arkadia. Please PM me if you would like any of items. My Listing of junk for sale can be found here: OpaloMan's Arkadia Junk​
  6. OZtwo

    Selling: Clearing out Storage on all Planets

    Clearing out Storage on Calypso Hello all, Been a long time but I think I should start selling off some of my items here. This is just a small part of my inventory here on Calypso. Please PM me if you would like any of items. My Listing of junk for sale can be found here: OpaloMan's...
  7. OZtwo

    Where is the ComPet <--> EU Link?

    Kim, this is very important and you need to take note. We bought into these Deeds because you said that Compets would be apart of EU to then change the story line and make Compets a completely new game with little to no link with EU. The story line itself HAS NOTHING to do WITH EU. Anyone who...
  8. OZtwo

    Compets and Mindark's Timing

    With all that has been going on the last few days one item that may have been over looked is Compets. If all was to work as planned Compets would have been in the last days of beta right now. I'm starting to think this is all another MA stunt to get us to move from EU to Compets -- in an odd...
  9. OZtwo

    Achievement: OpaloMan Getting Level 50 Sweat Gatherer!!

    For my very first ever post in this section of the forum I thought I would post my little useless skill achievement becoming LVL50 Sweat Gatherer! I think I'm the only one in game who deposits to sweat. Not sure why but I just love collecting my sweat hoping that one day, soon, Sweat will...
  10. OZtwo

    Training your pets for Compets

    Just interested now that we are learning more and more about Compets and that there seems to be less link between the new game and EU the question has to be asked: How many of you have been training your pets for compets? Edit: yes yes NOT*
  11. OZtwo

    MindArk's new Voting System Rules

    I found this a bit funny reading into the rules for voting and how the votes will be counted. Sad to say your vote will not be worth 1 vote. Depending on how MA wants the vote to go your vote could be worth 1 to who knows what the max is: Q. Will all votes be counted equally? A. Each...
  12. OZtwo

    President of Virtual Reality

    Just to get a feel for all this. Who else will be signing up for this? I have looked around and seen that Neverdie has put a LOT of time and money into this project. Hats off to him for this. Although we have not heard anything from MA over this, I can say that MA is fully backing this...
  13. OZtwo

    Planet Arkadia to get a New Flying vehicle!!

    This next VU we may finally be getting that all cool Arkadian Dropship we been waiting for!! The ship will be linked to the new daily Payback missions and depending on the area you are station you will get that area's designed ship. All cool and all but with one small issue. These new ships...
  14. OZtwo

    Platform Maintenance

    Why has MA stopped posting on the forums when the server will be going down? We did ask you to stop posting off topic subjects about your other games but this doesn't mean we asked you to stop posting information about EU.
  15. OZtwo

    Question: Web Store having effects on in-game loot?

    As more and more items are being placed on the web store I have noticed that loot return hasn't really changed all that much with it seeming to even been going down a bit if not a lot. The question is is the game's loot return effected in anyway with overall game deposits? Talking loot pools...
  16. OZtwo

    FYI: Attention all Entropia Universe participants in the US who have registered a withdrawal

    MindArk will start using PayPal for transferring withdrawals starting with participants in the US. Today Entropia Universe via MindArk sends all its payments/bank transfers to US-residents to Bank of America, we have been informed that Bank of America will increase their fees (starting July 1...
  17. OZtwo

    Arkadia A-Team Post: What mobile platform do you use?

    Hi Arkadians, It has been some time since we last chatted. Been busy with some new forms of awesome in the background but I need to pick your brains for a quick bit. I need to find out what phone platform you use and please just vote on this little survey. Not going to mention anything just...
  18. OZtwo

    New Planet Coming

    Well, looks like we have a new planet coming: Any thoughts :lolup:
  19. OZtwo

    How Silver Bunnies are Made

    Be kind of funny if MA could work this out to happen. Or have they already? Is this how we get rare pets?!?
  20. OZtwo

    DDoS of unprecedented scale 'stops Sweden working'. The target? A gaming site

    Hello all since MA will not post it, I will. This is most likely due to our major lag this weekend: DDoS of unprecedented scale 'stops Sweden working'. The target? A gaming site Most...
  21. OZtwo

    Warning! Pets do not like water!!!

    This is just a friendly warning to you all! DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET INTO WATER! For some reason they do not like it and will kill you! :)
  22. OZtwo

    Requesting a new Super Moderator

    711 this forum has been going down hill the last few months ever since we lost John...please give us a new moderator. This thread should have not been deleted: She is just...
  23. OZtwo

    Cyrene version 2.0

    This is just a small clip of my stream visiting Cyrene the other day. Many may see the issues here but mostly the ones who have been to Cyrene in the past and more for those who play this game in high graphics mode. Below is just a short example of what the planet now looks like in high...
  24. OZtwo

    CLD and ComPet Deeds bugged

    MindArk one question needs to be answered here: If you find that your ComPet project and CLD project will never take off and in turn they are bugged will you take them out of our inventory without any notice? Edit: for the new users CLDs are more or less just like the current ComPet Deed...
  25. OZtwo

    New items on Arkadia to be user bound

    I just learned that these new items we can get from the repeatable stage 6 missions on Arkadia are user bound items which of course can not be traded. Last I looked we had a RCE game going here? Why are more and more items coming out like this? And the big question has to be asked, since we...