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  1. Alaxan

    My halloween mask

    Gotta love halloween! :)
  2. Alaxan

    Tattoos, Makeup and Fashion Sat, Sep. 13, 2000ma

    Like tattoos? Into the new makeup styles? Like to keep up w/ the trends and be in fashion in game? Come to Freyr's shop at Twin Peaks mall Saturday September 13th 2000MA time. Makeup masks and tatto designs by Saphira Lucky Star and Alaxan Static Lullaby will be on display and for sale. Some...
  3. Alaxan

    Static's Tattoo services (makeup mask designs)

    So, i've stopped hunting for a while and found a new niche for myself in game. Somethign I love to do and seem to be decently talented in... Tattoo's!!! Yes, I design tattoos for the face masks (and hopefully for bodies soon). I do custom work and have a few masks up for display at Trance's...
  4. Alaxan

    -=Gods|Of|Chaos=- Recruiting

    Gods of chaos is a great society. Most of us are between 40k and 90k skill level. Yes, we are a mid-range soc, but we have our percs. We utilize ventrilo server and are really more of a family. We love to team hunt and do well on a range of mobs. Most of our members are in US time zones, but we...
  5. Alaxan

    Unable to login/ view entropia web site

    I was playing tonight in the middle of a tp run and poof... I got dc'd My wireless disconnected too so I reset all fo that and am now unable to connect to the EU servers at all to login, or to the entropia web site. So far i've reset the modem, router, tried on two other computers that are wired...
  6. Alaxan

    Selling Full Vindicator (M) Armor

    As mentioned above. I have a full set of Vindicator armor for sale. The parts are rare and the armor looks great. Primarily a fashion armor though. Harnes Full TT value = 34ped Arms Full TT value = 21 ped Thighs Full TT value = 19.50ped Shins Full TT value = 15ped...
  7. Alaxan

    Buying Vat-110

    Send me a pm or hit me up here on the thread. Thanks!