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    Buying: Yogg Horror

    Let me know if u got one for sale , lets hope we agree on price
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    Selling: [Armor Plating Mk. 10B, TEN Edition]

    Plate sold :)
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    Enhancers mafia :D

    So between Halloween and last update the pyrite amount didn't change. Per day i estimate was mined 5000-6000 tt. Why the enhs really went up in price ? Because most of pyrite was in lootable pvp and only few miners were mining it and were selling to same big crafters. So now why are you guys...
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    Selling: Melee Trauma 10 fen

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    Suggestion: Change back the auction sale info

    Not sure why now the sales have the timer when you added them in auction. Before you had in order all sales.
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    Buying: [S0ph13 Pet]

    Not looking for one anymore ty
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    Buying: Easter ring 2018

    Hit me up with an offer if u got one for sale.
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    Selling: Blue Vampiric Cloak (F)

    Taking some offers . Instant BO 1800 ped . This is the new Cloak from this HM with no buffs.
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    Buying: Mayhem trauma 2

    Working on a deal , not needed anymore
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    Buying: Perfected Electric , Mod Nano

    If you have 4 Rare tokens 120000 M tokens or 2 Rare Tokens 130000 M hit me up with some prices. I dont have any offer in mind.
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    How broken the pvp is now lol

    [Globals]: Big KO4EGAR XXL killed KO4EGAR in combat and claimed loot worth 100 PED! Told me is due to rocket
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    Selling: Hallo and Christmas boxes

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    Uber: 43434 ped Eomon old

    I was feeling lazy and went for eomon mature and they spawn only 1 old inside that spawn and boom > My highest loot so far.
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    Exploits and Mindark's lack of involment

    Been around since 2004 and what I notice after some years that MindArk went way to soft against people that use exploits and this gave a lot of confidence to players. I know i cant use any names but i'm just going to say this > pvp4 back in 2010 was insane exploited by a certain person with...
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    Alina's Damage enhancers and mining shop - Medusa Floor 1 Shop 5

    I will to supply my shop as much as i can per day. I have 2 shopkeeper at window with damage enhancers 1 to 9 , only 10-20 units. For now i offer only damage 1 to 9 prices bellow auc. Mining amps always : LEVEL 5 level 8 level 10 D-Class terra 6/7/8 Rare : level 13
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    Low performance without vsync

    I didn't bother to try fix it because i found a solution but it made curious about problem. So if anyone who knows some things about PCs maybe can give me a tip how to fix this. So i usually get low fps without vsying in some places donw to 50 and if i enable the vsync it will go to the to 144...
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    Low life mechanics

    Here is my last support. In other hands we need to report them till it get fixed.
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    2020 Mining for me

    Today i decided to check and finish my mining run i started in november lol > i started hunting after that. So i ended up at 94,02% (this include one of the worst period I had in a while at rig in 3 weeks 125953 > 103605 back ). Finders L30/C0uger/T8. When i was active my cost was 100-200k...
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    Buying: Corrosive 13 fen

    Im looking for this chip. Pm and let me know what tier/price u got in mind.
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    Selling: Halloween 2018 ring

    Still for sale Contact me ingame. BO : 24500 ped
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    Buying: [Halloween Ring 2019]

    This can be closed
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    Buying: imp hedoc

    Loooking for one tier 0 1 2
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    Suggestion: Lootable pvp need some reworks

    Broken things so far : - low life abuse (no matter how much damage you make to an avatar should make someone lootable, reporting abusers i got them locked but still after so many years i wonder why its not getting fixed) - falling damage (is abused to keep the avatar low life, sometimes i found...
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    Selling: Damage enhancers

    If you need enhancers for Mayhem atm im cratfting 1-9. Price will be based on quantity (lower then auc or shops). Im trying to be more competitive so ill try to have a decent rate for a 200+ order. Hit me up in game or on forum. Avatar: Stoica Alina Alina Added dmg 9 also.
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    Buying: TerraMaster 8 Gold Rush

    Im interested in one. Pm with your price.