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  1. Shereaper

    Selling: Shopkeeper-Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause-Loughlin Masher one-

    Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause TT+800 OBO Shopkeer - TT+ 2200 Peds OBO - SOLD Loughlin Masher One - Unlimited TT+200 I also have two Calypso Land Deeds for 1990 each IN-Game: Dragoney the Nightreaper Contact me in-game or at
  2. Shereaper

    Selling: Shopkeeper

    Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause TT+800 OBO Shopkeer - TT+ 2200 Peds OBO Contact me in-game or at Dragoney the Nightreaper
  3. Shereaper

    Ancient Daikiba Pet

    I have three Ancient Daikiba Pet... Does anyone knwo the value?
  4. Shereaper

    Info: Entropia Pathfinder's Crafting Club Now recruiting.

    OK Here it is... I AM BORED OF THIS Game. It caught my attention because I wanted to figure it out. Well. I have. I am looking for a few good friends online. If you goal is to succeed at Entropia Universe. I have a little to add. I am looking for people to hang out with online. In...
  5. Shereaper

    Buying: Buying: GEC Coil Springs 1M Blueprint

    Message me with offers please.
  6. Shereaper

    FYI: Level 35 Hunter, 28 Crafter, 21 Miner- Wants to create a society with a few special people.

    My Name is Dragoney The Nightreaper. I have been playing the game since 2003. I am currently level 35 Hunter, Level 28 Crafter, and Level 21 Miner. This may not seem very skilled for someone who has been playing for so long, but there are reasons I will not go into why I have not focused on...
  7. Shereaper

    Buying: Buying Standard Locks Blueprint.

    Looking for a standard locks blueprint. Please PM me with offers. Thanks
  8. Shereaper

    Help: Transport Info and Goods

    SO I Have completed "Stealing from the Miners", "Something Fishy", "The Allophyls", "Clear the area", and "Mysterious Rock." None of which unlock Sergeant Conrad Christmas for "Transport info and Goods." Does anyone know how I unlock "Transport info and Goods."
  9. Shereaper

    What wrong with support?

    So, lately I have had no response from support on my cases. I have two open cases. One is over several months old and I have had no response from support. Is anyone else having similar problems? Is there any other way to get help besides waiting for months while support ignores us?
  10. Shereaper

    unlock volcana

    Please can someone link me to any posts about how to unlock the volcano island?
  11. Shereaper

    FYI: Missions in Chronological Order

    Ok so the mission matrix is cool and all that, but I can not make heads or tails of it. What I really want to know is where are all the missions and in what order should I do them. I will be excluding ALL Iron missions, as they are already well documented. This thread is dedicated to actual...
  12. Shereaper

    FYI: Geographical List of Instances for Calypso.

    I would like to put together a list of Instances starting with The Gauntlet and going away from Icarus by geographical location. It would be great if the moderator would make this a sticky. I am currently looking for any instance which has Camp Icarus as its closest teleporter If you are...
  13. Shereaper

    Can I have my PED Back?

    So the other Day I pulled a Rookie mistake. I bid on an auction of Pearl Sand which I thought had a buyout. I double clicked the far left arrow and accidentally bid 350 ped(all but 99 pec on my card) for a MU of 1454%. I have tried to contact the avatar in game and via PM on the forum, but...
  14. Shereaper

    High QR Lend Lease Program-Entropia Pathfinder's Crafting Club-Looking for Policy Makers:Is this YOU?

    The following post refers to the Idea of the High QR lend Lease program which is described in this Link. If you are interested in finding out more about the program please refer to the original Post, before posting questions here. Entropia Pathfinder's Crafting Club :yay:Blueprint...
  15. Shereaper

    High QR and LImited Blueprint Repository Lend/Lease Program

    Entropia Pathfinders in conjunction with DragonEy Gaming introduces: our latest contribution to the Entropia Universe. I have decided to open the University Archives of High QR and Limited Blueprints to the General Public. Entropia Pathfinder's Crafting Club :yay:Blueprint Repository...
  16. Shereaper

    Selling: Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause UL

    Selling Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Amplifier Taking Offers: Market Value is TT+1500 TT varies because I am using it Max TT 250, I have three of these so let me know if your interested
  17. Shereaper

    High QR Blueprint Trading and Lending COoperative Club

    Entropia Pathfinder's Blueprint Repository Lend/Lease Program Moderators Please Lock or delete this thread Please follow this link to the current thread.
  18. Shereaper

    For Rent Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Renting my Fi/Ra/Co Cause. Collateral 1 CLD and rental fee to be determined. Contact me by PM or at Skype: dragoneygaming in game: DragonEy the Nightreaper Email
  19. Shereaper

    Selling: Selling Rare BLP Amplifier Super ECO: 28 damage Improved Fi Ra/Co Cause BLP Amp

    Super Rare Max TT 250 PED 28 DPS with great "Above Average" eco only 276 ammo burn 2500 Buyout You can see it at my shop at Deer Mall Shop 10 Floor 1 or PM to meet you ans save you the fee
  20. Shereaper

    Selling: Selling Improved Fi/Ra?co Cause UL BLP Amp

    Super Rare Max TT 250 PED 28 DPS with great "Above Average" eco only 276 ammo burn 2500 Buyout You can see it at my shop at Deer Mall Shop 10 Floor 1 or PM to meet you ans save you the fee
  21. Shereaper

    Selling: Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Blueprint (L) 5 Clicks

    So I looted this BP Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Blueprint (L) This is for a UL amp it is level 6 (L) Bp: not on entropedia It uses Fi/Ra/Co Cause Parts, Lystionite Steel Ingots, Marcimex Brain Oil, and Galvesperdite. I am willing to entertain offers(i'm thinking Somewhere around 2000...
  22. Shereaper

    Buying: Buying Fi/Ra/Co Cause Parts: Lystionite: Marcimex Brain Oil & Galvesperidtie

    Got what I need so Close this thread thanks
  23. Shereaper

    Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Blueprint (L) 5 clicks

    Deleted thanks for the info
  24. Shereaper

    Selling: Selling: Level 1 Finder Amp (L) Blueprint (L) with 65 Clicks left Below Market Value

    SOLD!! lowered Starting and Buyout Price Selling Level 1 Finder Amp (L) BP (L): NOT Finder 1 Light 65 Clicks Market Value 25-30k% 1664.70-1944.87 PED Value SB 1600 Buyout 1725 PED Timer Starts after the first BID. Level: 2 Type: Finder Amplifier Materials: 6...
  25. Shereaper

    Selling: VIVO UR200 (L) Blueprint (L) 5 attempts Left (has not been clicked)

    Selling: VIVO UR200 (L) Blueprint (L): 5 attempts Left (has not been clicked) Last BP Sold for 310,000% (155 ped) SB: 140 PED Will end 1 week after SB is Met. BO: 200 PED Located at Deer Mall Floor 1 Shop 10 (all the way in the back on the left) To save store fees contact me on skype...