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  1. Bones

    I miss Wiki

    I don't always appreciate you Wiki , not as much as I should. When you are gone I miss the special way you provide me with hp info. No weapons compare can compare with your weapons compare. It's all the little info tidbits that no other site can give in one easy location. Please come back ...
  2. Bones

    Selling: 33 AUD's @ 125 peds each

    As per title .. Selling 33 AUD's @ 125 ped each PM in game Bare BareBones Bones
  3. Bones

    Reverse edit panel to its original form and

    Mindark/Ludwig URGENT ACTION REQUIRED!!! Please communicate to reverse the change to edit panel , where you replaced the Inventory button with the default key. Also , fix depo. I have recently added a new disciple , my wife. She is eating all my liquid peds. She has money waiting , but...
  4. Bones

    Selling: Christmas Boxes - SOLD

    365 Christmas Boxes @ 1300 ped for the stack - bulk sale only. Guaranteed to loot the christmas ring. *disclaimer - guarantee is not based on fact and you most likely will open all 365 and be thoroughly disappointed , in fact the guarantee is complete nonsense and not valid whatsoever...
  5. Bones

    12 Days of Election

    On my first day of the Election , MindArk gave to me. And tomorrow is another day.
  6. Bones

    Mob Index Button

    Dear 711 Would it be possible to add a new button on the top toolbar for Mob Index . Also while you are at it , make it so when you click on a link in the index , it opens a new window as it did before the update. Thank you
  7. Bones

    And There You Have It

    After months and numerous attempts to buy from the webstore , I finally caved and just decided to buy peds instead and take the DIBS hit. Its not the 3.5 dollars per 100 that is bothers me , its the issue I can't just buy ammo using paypal or just a credit card like I have for the past years...
  8. Bones

    Selling: Collection of 81 Combat Masks

    Selling my collection of masks These masks no longer drop , rarely do you see entire collections up for sale. There are 81 masks in this lot , with a TT value of 546.34 peds. I will not be separate , but will sell at a price that gives room for profit for those that wish to resell. TT 546.34...
  9. Bones

    Selling: Selling - Mountain Gorilla (autoloot) compatible

    As per the title I am selling 1 Mountain Gorilla level 1 - autoloot unlocks at level 13 700 peds ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added Oratan Miner pet level 1 125 peds...
  10. Bones

    Achievement: Celebrate Good Times

    I can't believe I finally unlocked a skill that nobody has accomplished. Combat Sense , yes this is a NEW SKILL as you will see by my combat chat log. As an added bonus it seems to have happened exactly at the same time as my levlel 50 Brawler hit , what a glorious day. And it only took 13...
  11. Bones

    Buying: Weak Argonaut Claw FEN Edition + FEN Melee 2 amp

    As per the title , I will be buying this claw to further my march to commando. I have seen past postings for claws that sold for 14k and I will say now that I am not interested in overpaying. I am aware the market dictates the price , but I have patience and peds ready for offers. You may...
  12. Bones

    New Mob Content

    Please , lets have some new mob content instead of recycling the same over and over. Something that excites me enough to give you my money.
  13. Bones

    How fast will CP shares sell out?

    This is not a poll This is for fun Here is the original announcement My guess is 7 days 5 hours and 22 seconds
  14. Bones

    Selling: 142.28 Ped ESI

    Hi As in the title 142.28 ped ESI I just want a fair price , PM me and I can probably deliver to you for free.
  15. Bones

    Item Lock Checkbox

    After long day of life , I finished off my day with a small ambu hunt. I repaired all items and cleaned up loots , then logged for the night Today I went to do my daily Oratan payback mission on Arkadia , and as I went to heal .. nothing .. nothing .. what the hell .. nothing.. used alt fap to...
  16. Bones

    Mindark please do this

    I implore you to please fix this camera issue. Simply make a checkbox that disables camera to snap to target. This will allow the user to move camera manually while allowing avatar to swivel at its axis. The targeting is not the issue , its the camera being locked to the avatar and moving to...
  17. Bones

    Vomit Bucket

    I am looking to buy a high capacity vomit bucket to keep beside me while hunting with this new VU. I can adapt to most things with this VU , except the constant realigning of the avatar as i hunt. What needs to change is the camera that is locked onto the avatar , it would be fine if the...
  18. Bones

    FYI: My newest upgrade

    An essential upgrade for grinding skills. Click for full image
  19. Bones

    Achievement: MindForce Unlock Force Merge

    One of my goals I set back when I first saw Dan discover the Skill by chipping it out. So many years ago , but now I have it also. Should give me a nice hp boost over the next year , as well as faster professional level gains.
  20. Bones

    Uber: Lost My Uber Cherry

    Finally after 12 years and 3 months of watching everyone post here , it comes to me. I would like to say thank you to Shoshii for selling me the lucky Corrosive chip that as a finisher has given me some great luck. Also would like to thank hijacker for selling me his level VII MF amp which...
  21. Bones

    Buying: Mindforce Amp VII UL

    Am in the market to purchase a Mindforce Amp VII UL as per the title. Wiki Link Please PM me your offers to sell
  22. Bones

    Selling: Tame Oratan Miner

    Would like to sell this lovely pet Tame Oratan Miner pet Level 1 150 ped or trade for acceptable item such as AUD + ped Buff unlocks Decrease Critical Damage 3% - Level 20 unlock Skill Gain - Pet and taming - 20% Level 23 unlock
  23. Bones

    White Leprechaun Tamed

    A small victory for me as I have never had a discovery , though this is also not a discovery , it is a first tame of this creature. Total tame time was 5.2 hours , this time was extended by 2 instances of people interfering , one actually trying to kill it as I was taming for some reason...
  24. Bones

    Thank You MindArk

    After months of ever increasing lag it seems we finally have a fix that is working. This thread is a sincere Thank You to the developers or whichever staff were involved in getting us to stability. Lets start this New Year off on a positive , all is forgiven and lets move forward with...
  25. Bones


    Game has been lagging like crazy today , now I am DC"d and cant enter .. is the game down or is it just me ?