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    The robots due to losing ground in the battle for Calypso have formed an aliance with the BORG. The BORG are coming! This is a mini cube (scout ship). I narrowly escaped with my fleshly body intact. Approach at your own risk :) coords 57747, 88116
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    General Store (ya i know orginal)

    I have a shop (apartment) that I sell loots and refined materials (leathers, textures). I will always sell below MU. I have animal oils, enhancer components, leathers, bps, paints, fruit, rocks, dung, robot parts, faps, residues, M.E., hair spray & gell, and others. Mind Essence is in shop...
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    planet partners responsible for own advertising

    If planet are partners responsible for own advertising, and FPC is basically a "partner," then why are they not advertising themselves to bring in players? Some will say because they are waiting for the launch of other planets. But this should have nothing to do with it. FPC is a partner with...
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    Deposit Poll Results and Conclusion

    THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE NEGATIVE TOWARDS MA But to highlight a major issue that many customers feel is important People that care about something are willing to fight for it Things to keep in mind. MA states in their income model to planet partners that they make $.5 to $1.50 per player per...
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    Western Lake Superior Region

    Any players near the western part of Lake Superior? NW Wisconsin, NW U.P Michigan, NE Minnesota
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    Deposit habits

    Curious as to how people currently play so a simple little poll about people's deposit habits. Since there are some with varying deposit habits, what is your average per month for a year. Vote in the appropriate section, used to, or did and still . Post associated comments if you like...
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    Selling: Selling oils,wool, paint

    Item.......................Qty...........Value..................Ask animal muscle oil.......1214........36.42 ped...........37.15 (102%) SOLD animal eye oil............922.........46.10 ped...........46.79 (101.5%) SOLD animal oil residue........960..........9.60 ped............9.70 (101%)...
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    Apology to the UK

    I am shamed by the treatment our current President gave to the British Prime Minister. Not many in the US are aware of the gift exchange that takes place when Heads of State meet. It's common practice unique and priceless gifts that speak of the relationship between countries are exchanged...
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    Selling: Selling ALL skills and items

    Items link Here Skills link Here The database is by and provides TT and current market value of items/skills. PM me with any questions or bids. I will consider all resonable bids. Edit: parting out items instead of lump sale.
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    Selling: Selling Sweat

    I gather my own, sweat gathering skill 1500+. I do not re-sell. I gather approximately 1k per day. Looking for steady buyer of bulk sweat in lots of 10k plus. PM with price offer.
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    Is there a way?

    alright first, I'm not a young kid looking for ways of just screwing with others. I'm older, have two teenagers myself, and just want a way of perhaps deterring n00bism (as in a jerkish way). I have reported abusive players and feel at times this a thing that shouldn't have to be done and I...
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    Hadesteim ???

    What is this place? Did a search and no threads came up about it. Found it yesterday exploring, there are a few civilians, a couple of cars and a whole lot of buildings. It's a pretty big city north of PA. It says it's the industrial capital. Is this what MA planned on doing or is planning...