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  1. Bones

    1447 Crude oil

    How much did you save using the new driller?
  2. Bones

    What creature will be the next ATH?

    Gorgon ugg .. my inability to read and follow instructions - shared mob as pointed out in the next post
  3. Bones

    Ancient Greece Shares

    A further reduction of 100k deeds is needed , then they will perform and sell out fast.
  4. Bones

    Selling: Selling HighTierRates Toy Snowballgun

    Mine isn't bugged , but it is a very fun weapon. A mini grindhouse
  5. Bones

    John Williams' Hunting Log

    Congratz on the 23k explosives projectile today.
  6. Bones

    Account Hacked 40,000+ Peds Lost

    Just to be clear , the OP didn't use the provided f2a service which is free. There is no way to tell if the OP shared his account info with others. MA has information which we are not able to see , and they are under no obligation to share that info.
  7. Bones

    I miss Wiki

    I don't always appreciate you Wiki , not as much as I should. When you are gone I miss the special way you provide me with hp info. No weapons compare can compare with your weapons compare. It's all the little info tidbits that no other site can give in one easy location. Please come back ...
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  9. Bones

    Instance chest loot

    With the increase in instances , this is something that should take precedence.
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    Info: New weapon looking for.

    Gratz on your future HOF
  11. Bones

    ATH: 61130 PED Iron stone

    Might be the last time.
  12. Bones

    ATH: 61130 PED Iron stone

    That title gratz to you
  13. Bones

    Avaversary! 19years!

    I serious doubt messi is anywhere near my Sweat Gatherer level. But respect , he has been busy running a successful crafting and selling enterprise. It's all perspective.
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    Help: Video of Taco's ATH

    We did it with swords We did it like vikings We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords We did it with swords
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    Help: Video of Taco's ATH

    Great video
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    do new players have higher chance on hitting a multi or item drop? statistical or MA's doing?

    Wish there was a way to gratz him. Gratz Ken , you are rockin.
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    How to purchase strong box keys ?

    One other alternative that I used myself during the summer when many were locked from depositing. Paysafe They will accept paypal as payment which helps with safety , and I think paypal will accept Discover , or just through your bank directly.
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    Selling: LP-70 FEN t7

    This game and the time you spend here is what you make of it. There are certainly people here that consider their morals and integrity more than a commodity. If the people you surround yourself with are toxic , that will reflect upon your own thought process sooner or later.
  19. Bones

    MA - Please allow item short-selling

    I think this video impeaches the short selling argument , more than it advances it.
  20. Bones

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    12 Nobody wake the mod , we can do it.