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  1. Jennson

    Deposit Methods Update

    More effort than paypal. And dunno i just don't want to bother, because for me it's not worth the hassle. I could go aswell with paysafecard or something, then again not worth the effort for me. Don't get me wrong i'm not angry or so and for years now i deposited a small amount of 100EUR each...
  2. Jennson

    Deposit Methods Update

    Wow, i've never had imagined Mindark would force me not to deposit. Isn't that much these days, but i guess i have to learn to entirely go the non depo route.
  3. Jennson

    [Ranked Psy-Sword] Price check

    The Ranked weapons are not the old TT weapons. It is this one: IT is an SIB longblade maxed@ lvl 48. Ampable. Is it still so that the Ranked weapons are not auctionable? I have the Shortblade of the series, but i haven'r been close to...
  4. Jennson

    Question: Q1 : Storytelling

    Videogames become a lot of fun by offering a good storytelling. Even in Entropia Universe we had some nice but shy steps into the direction (Hunt the Thing). Playing a good story well placed in the Universe. Scripted Cameras, More immersion than reading text boxes... could improve the gameplay...
  5. Jennson

    Has the loot slacked off ?

    Wanted to write something, but changed my mind so i just wish you all a happy day and a lot of fun.
  6. Jennson

    Mindark Annual report 2018

    Doesn't look too bad to me, but i agree to those opinions saying Mindark should focus on their core product and improve it instead of trying to gain in an oversaturated market. Analyze your playerbase and look which type of gamers use your product and which type of gamers use different...
  7. Jennson

    PriceCheck old guns, sollomate opalo & jester d-1?

    Hmm the Jester would be a perfect candidate for a newbie upgrade mission to make something useful out of it. MAybe one day...
  8. Jennson

    Selling: Sleipnir Mk1 (c) Unlimited

    Hmm offer is ~ 6 years old, so probably it has been sold long time ago.
  9. Jennson

    Noob Vet intro needed

    So welcome back. Loot 2.0 changed loot in hunting. -Armor decay reduced -Healing cost are returned in loot -old dpp is not key factor anymore new stat effeciency introduced BattleSim A good list for the start:
  10. Jennson

    FYI: Loot 2.0 hunting log

    Not from the ones who valued and appreciated your advice and thoughtful discussions. cheers m8, nice to see you back on track.
  11. Jennson

    EU come to impossible middle deposit

    To be fair, if you look up his forum name in enropialife you get an empty result, so a good possibility he uses a different avatar name. Ofc it might be you know his avatar name, in that case just drink a beer and cheers.
  12. Jennson

    Entropedia v2

    When using weapon compare v2 with Firefox sometimes the tool stops working without any further visible error, expect it seems to happen nothing. First i tried to update my FF to the most recent version, and disabled NoScript for, and Initially...
  13. Jennson

    Loot 2.0 : Recap

    What is the pricetag to play these for a month, and what is the pricetag if you play these on highest level of gameplay? Maybe this is a problem, because i doubt most of these eat several thousand dollars each month, not in items, but in regular game activity.
  14. Jennson

    More loot for the new players.

    This one ...
  15. Jennson

    EU come to impossible middle deposit

    Of course it always sucks to lose money, especially when it is a lot as you describe. However, Jetman's calculation is not far fetched. There are several strategies, first squeeze out maximum MU and hunt accordingly. Don't forget you have a weaapon capable of cycling a lot of PEDs in short time...
  16. Jennson

    R.I.P. Emy Jenny Bomb

    Today i logged in and read the message that Solene passed away. Immediately i had tears in my eyes. Solene you were one of the kindest persons i had ever the pleasure to meet ( although only in the virtual world ). I will never forget your frienldy, warm and helpful attitude. From day1 in...
  17. Jennson

    Help: Weapon choice dilemma

    That priceclass and lvl requirements. I can be wrong, but only Melee comes to my mind.
  18. Jennson

    Archon and Melee Amps

    How about these: Longblades: Name Amplifier name Decay Ammo Cost Dmg/PEC Damage Max.Damage Eff.Damage Min.Damage Range Attacks Dmg/sec Lokabhu Electrifier Sword Melee Trauma Amplifier IV 15.081 0 15.081 2.949 64.00 64.00 44.48 32.00 6.0 51.0 37.81 MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler Melee Trauma...
  19. Jennson

    Archon and Melee Amps

    If you want to use amps i can suggest the arkadian blades. Afaik they all can take amps. The drawback is the low TT so i suggest to have a portable rep terminal on you or carry more blades. The cyrene blades are also quite good and cheap to get.
  20. Jennson

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak - Free healer - 1% lifesteal

    Like to share a screenie with the combo? Not interested in buying because it is beyond my budget. But to see the combo would interest me. Thanks in advance and if not just consider it a free friendly bump.
  21. Jennson

    Question: Proper bankroll amount?

    A few years back i found out for me a proper bankroll is minimum the cost of 2k looting events. This allows to cycle for a while and work with markup. So calculate cost to kill a mob/ mining drop etc and try it out. This is not the ultimate truth, but works for me personally.
  22. Jennson

    entropedia a joke

    This is not entirely correct. There is always the option to create something new.
  23. Jennson

    Check this out....

    Once i foud out what he actually wrote, it could be funny. The point is... i have hard times to find it out :laugh:
  24. Jennson

    PC - SKills

    i just had a quick look at it, but at these low amounts i doubt it is worth to chip out at all.
  25. Jennson

    Info: Arkadia Underground Deed - ROI tracker

    updated ... too short