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  1. Vhailor

    Black screen...

    so hello dear community... :D :ahh: Lately i have very annoying problem with screen fading to black whenever i: 1. trying drop EU to desktop via alt + tab / ctrl + esc 2. trying switch EU to window mode ctrl + enter 3. trying send message, or just pressing enter (either when i press enter to...
  2. Vhailor

    Question: Сyrilic(Azbuka) language suport in Entropia Unvierse

    This might be bit hard to explain..., not sure if someone will be able help me either. When i see some russian speaking players writing in open chanel it shows just bunch of total nonsence symbols instead of azbuka. I installed russian keyboard also have cyrilic langugaes suport installed to...
  3. Vhailor

    Question: Email change ?

    Hi there fellow entropians, I decided to close down my current EU account and apply for new one. (some worries and security reaons , forced me to do so). However i would like to use my old email adress in new account too. But i can't change it on website, there is some...
  4. Vhailor

    Hi + armor related nub question

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new here just playing for few days...week maybe. I searched forum a bit, but couldn't find answer. Once armor is damaged...(i mean ...completely damaged), can we still wear it ? Was thinking about using it as cheap replacement for the nub "ghetto pajamas" we start in, lol.