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    Selling: foxtrot

    Selling: PM me for offer.... Greetz, Chai
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    Selling: ema 107 bp

    Selling: ma107 bp qr 1.0 unl sb 200 bo 325
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    Selling: Auction for DOA SH

    DOA Strikehammer auction Well, lets start with TT+16 k This is a short auction, means 24 hours from now. Let's go!!!!!!
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    Selling: Doa sh

    Hi all, Due lack on skills, I'm considering to sell this item. PM me with your offers.. I'm looking for a price range 19-22k +tt Regards, Chai
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    Selling: Prot Neckbone

    Selling this neckbone from Prot, tt 2,50 peds freshley looted from Furor Adept.. PM me for offers plz..... Thnx :yay:
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    ironman 21k

    Hello all, after almost 4 years bombing CND i finally hit my tower... 105 finder with 104 amp.. lost my login stuff for my chai account.. so i made another user name.. GL all :)
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    Buying: buying

    buying a 213(l) orefinder.... are they stil excist? pm me thnx free/da/mai