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  1. Dan59

    Buying: WTB full/er ESI

    As the title says buying full or partialy full - empty skill implants. PM me
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    Selling: ...

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    Info: Gardeningm Plot Managment Bug

    Each time you plant 8 plants to Grow Transgen Plants you get 16 XP in the end and sometimes very low amount of skills and its represented as XP amount, level number and percentage of the level in progress. At level 4 progres is about 3 to 4 % per round of 8 plants. So you need a little more than...
  5. Dan59

    Achievement: Marvelous Sweat Gatherer

    Mind Force is advertised as advanced profession and one day will be great profession with advanced abilities and advanced powers. It's just that you have to sacrifice years of progress in all other professions. Whether it is worth the fun is a personal choice so everyone decides on its own...
  6. Dan59

    Question: Is there anzting else to do?

    I loaded new beta today. Realized that buildings, gold, pets are all whipped so start from beginning again. It was about 15 minit to raise pet in forest to level 2, to get few buildings and put pet on a quest. And game end here - nothing more to do. So what you guys are doing for the rest of 23...
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    Someone is using this account from diferent device

    I got various messages. Lost connection. Someone is playing from different device. Log out and relog. Use wi fi for better connectivity. Error number (don't remember number) Finally logged in. Lost upgraded buildings, 2 pets lvl 4, gold. 20 already used peds are back. It look like I'm starting...
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    Question: On which actvity/profesion/skill_gains we never get skill increase bonus and possibility of skill pills effect?

    On which actvity/profesion/skill_gains we never get skill increase bonus? I cant remember that i ever got in one of listed here: - Attributes - Sweat gatherering - Resource gatherering - Dispense decoy - vehicle repairing Please confirm or post your findings. Please add more if exist. Do...
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    What happened to Raahn Guzt, Xenomorph Scientist ?

    After many years of development MA brought Calypso science and investigating and scaning methods to an exciting level some questions still remain with no answers. Why colonists downgraded their science and technology so much? -From instant interplanetar teleportation travel to old and slow...
  11. Dan59

    Wishes for lootable pvp areas

    I dond see reason why Pkers shud have monopoly and control some unique resources. I hope MA make gear ( armor , weapon, fap ) dropable and lootable in PVP4. So .. -if you get killed by mob you drop random pice of gear and have to run back after revived to take it back ( if someone was not...
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    How much time take mob killing

    What is time needed to kill your favorite mob ? Do you find that it need to much shooting and is boring ?
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    Do not ask me , i dont know answer

    I was arround 7k of psychotropy (7154) and pissed of bad skill gain decided to eat all what was not sold of my chips back. So unlock must come between 7200 and 8k of psychotropy or between level 63 and lvl 67 of psychotropian. Exp gain -somethimes few mobs killed before you get exp...
  14. Dan59

    PVP, EU and possible goals - roles 1. Goal is to "develop the untamed planet of Calypso" 2. Its not a war or PK game - its "Adventure" 3. You dont need PK gear like modfap, shadow, modmerc, terminator .. this is misleading and its probably from another game. Instead of that you...
  15. Dan59

    TT prices shud be fixed with last year average ones

    TT price for items you can buy from terminal prices are real prices. TT price for item u cant never get from TT is pure fiction ( not to say fake ). So calculating fee on markup based on unreal , not aplicable , not existent TT price is wrong. If there is buyer who is traying to buy imk2 from...
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    Skill implants - to check again

    Just check it jourself if u going to fullfill one or to buy skills. Dont know if on all skills but of some for sure something changed. Amount of skills required to fill implant changed after pach. Amount of skills u get paying full skill implant changed. Skill efect on efficiency of weapon...
  17. Dan59

    New powerfull weapon (events & tp's)

    With event system u can for few peds forbid access to TP or some areas on Calypso for almost 400K players. Isnt that litle owerpowered ?