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  1. Elf


    Newest shop on Rocktropia ROCK-MART Grand Opening Sunday 7/19/2020- Games and prizes full pharmacy, crafting crap, furniture, armor, artillery, clothing, lumber yard, pot plants and bong faps :smoke: and more.... So much loot it will make you POGO :banana: Castillo Lofts #1 [Rocktropia...
  2. Elf

    Rocktropia, April fools event 2020

    April fools!! its on the 4th of April, Saturday Elf's Yard Sale event is highest single loot on the entire island of Playa Del Harlem on Rocktropia will give you rank. FIRST PRIZE: 150 ped, POVR crate, 10 slimjims, 20 Ruxx SECOND: 100 ped, lost time compass, Rolled Smokes, 10 Ruxx THIRD: 50...