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    What tt returns to expect and after how many hunts tt return normalize.

    I have question to ppl who are hunting on daily basis. How long you need to hunt to see a reliable and stable tt returns on lets say 96-97% tt. Im asking because lately im testing my BC-30 Mod+Beast and its rather terrible than even avg. I was hoping to see results close to 95-96, not 91-92 like...
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    Selling: T1.99 Genesis Star Excavator Improved +20,5k

    As In title, Im trying to sell my precious baby who is with me for last 4years. It served me well and save tons of money as I was dedicated miner for few years. Price +20,5k or any resonable offer Interested in items too, now looking Easter Ring 2021
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    Buying: High QR Level 5 Amplifier Blueprint

    As in title, looking high qr lvl5 bp.
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    Selling: T8.56 [Isis LR63] - Mayhem Cat4 monster - SOLD

    Hi everyone, It's time for me to sell that awsome gun which I was using for 1,5 year on mayhems in cat5 as Im already at the edge of 65lvl limit. My performance was: 7 mayhems - 2 times in top3, 5 times in top10 mostly in annihilation. In def it was ok to, one it was 3rd and 5th, rest was also...
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    HoF: Mining hof on Enyo - 500p bonus :)

    Hi, Im not posting alot in this thread but this is worth to show. Hof on new Divinity land which gave me 500p bonus ;)
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    Buying: Ozpyn LR S1X4

    Looking to buy this rifle. If you have one for sell or if you know someone who has one for sell please let me know.
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    Buying: Genesis Stingury or Isis HL15

    Hi. As in title, looking for that blade or that gun, if you have one and want to sell it let me know here or ingame: Just The Iceman JTI Cheers
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    Selling: [Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator] T0.9 +4,2k negotiable

    As in title, pm me if you are interested. Peds only as I need them for imp excavator. I can go little bit down with the price but not too much as it is some nice piece of tool and saves a lot of peds on the mining. Just The Iceman JTI
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    Buying: Genesis Star Excavator Improved

    Hi, As in title, looking imp. As a part of a trade I'm offering my Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted. Let me know if you got one and willing to trade/sell.
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper EST (M,L) 252,8 Ped tt SB 1900% BO 2200%

    Earth Shock Trooper EST (M,L) 252,8 Ped tt SB 2000% BO 2200% Hi Everyone, With a heavy heart Im doing that, selling topic but my irl situation force me to sell most of my stuff and withdraw money to help my family. This full est set got 252,8 ped: 256 Earth Shock Trooper Arm Guards (M,L) 1...
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    Do the dmg type matter?

    Hi. I got a question related to the weapons we all are using. Do the dmg type matter? I mean some of the guns doing Pen+Impact, some Pen+burn. Swords are doing Cut+Cold(Khorum dagger), Cut+Acid(Songkra) ect. Do they got better performance on different mobs? Like pen+imp on robots, cut+burn...
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    Selling: Tier5 Ecotron v.26b Prototype UNL, eco 2.97

    Hi. Im selling this great sib laser rifle. Its a rare weapon I think there are 2-3 including mine ingame. According to Entropedia eco with A106+imp ares is 2,97 and I can only tell that is theory. In practice it is over 3.0 RANGE 84,7 meters DPS 40 And with proper setup Ive manage to get...
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    PC: Ecotron v.26b Prototype UNL T5.0

    Hi Guys. Im wondering how much my gun is worth atm. It is quite rare, Im the first one who tier it to T5 and got a hofs everytime. Any idea for how much I can sell it(It got 2.97916 dpp with A106 and ares imp)? Thanks in advance
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    Question: Accuracy enhancers not working on Cyrene guns?

    Hi Everyone. I got the question related to Acc enhancers on cyrene guns. Got maxed Ecotron v.26b Prototype(HA/CA 10/10) Maxed guns give you 2% to critical. Im using ares improved which is giving you 0,6% to critical And now: using hunting program Im count every critical hit and in longer...
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    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Adjusted

    As in title. If anyone is willing to sell that baby for the fair price let me know. Cheers
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    Buying: Earth Shock Trooper M parts low tt

    As in topic, buying some parts of this armor, preferable low tt. If you got any let me know with yours price proposal.
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    Thin Wool - which mobs

    Hi everyone, I got the question about thin wool, what mobs those days drop it common. Not only on caly but also on other planets. Thanks in advance.
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    Buying: [Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military] T0-T2

    As in topic, looking for that gun in reasonable price. Let me know yours offer via forum or in game. Cheers.
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    Selling: Paints

    PM me via forum or in game with yours offer. 395 Paint Can (Blue) 23 1.15 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 396 Paint Can (Blue) 140 7.00 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia) 397 Paint Can (Brown) 169 11.83 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia) 398 Paint Can (Burgundy) 12 2.28 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 399 Paint Can (Dark...
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    Selling: Selling Vehicle BP's

    As in topic PM me in game or via forum with yours offer. 9 Basic Vehicle Battery Blueprint (L) 1 0.66 PED Limited (Vol. I) (C) (316) 90 Basic Vehicle Battery Blueprint (L) 1 0.78 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia) 91 Basic Vehicle Battery Blueprint (L) 1 0.64 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia) 92 Basic...
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    Selling: Resonation Amplifiers 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

    As in topic. 378 Resonation Amplifier 1 36 0.72 PED 381 Resonation Amplifier 2 159 4.77 PED 382 Resonation Amplifier 2 37 1.11 PED 383 Resonation Amplifier 3 74 4.44 PED 386 Resonation Amplifier 4 18 1.26 PED 387 Resonation Amplifier 6 207 18.63 PED 388 Resonation Amplifier 7 64 9.60 PED...
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    Price check: [Omegaton Detectonator MD-50] tier 9

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me what is the current price of this Pre VU 10 finder? It is tier 9, max depth with enhancers is 821,6m. Thanks in advance
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    Price check: Welding wire BPs, about 4k clicks

    Hi guys, I would ask you what is current price for those bps in batch(over 4k clicks which I have in my store) I want to sell them, Can I have for them normal regular price like on auction(250% )? Best regards
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    Selling: Loughlin Masher One Unlimited

    Like in title Very good and cheap weapon to gain some Melee combat skill, 1hp=533MC skill. SB: tt+1100ped BO: tt+1500ped tt=200ped Auction will end after 7 days History of bids: @lfex tt+1100ped In Love With tt+1150ped @lfex tt+1200ped Bid Via PM...
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    Selling: Few BP with good QR

    Auction will end after 7 days I want sell those BP in bulk. 15 Basic Bearings Blueprint 1 0.48 PED CARRIED 25 Basic Screws Blueprint 1 0.72 PED CARRIED 28 Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint 1 0.30 PED CARRIED 31 Basic Tube Blueprint 1 0.95 PED CARRIED 32 Basic Tube Blueprint 1 0.13 PED CARRIED 39...