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  1. sahel

    Back for a bit

    Hello everyone! I have been inactive for a long time, stopped playing around 2012, I was mostly active around 2005-2008. Had a lot of fun with EU back then running the Miner's Mafia soc shop and website, events at CND that were really something, beacon missions with the soc. The whole...
  2. sahel

    Buying: Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C) BOUGHT

    Hello, I'm looking for a Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C) :wtg: I have put an order on auction :smash:
  3. sahel

    game addictionl;

    Today I read an interesting bit of news i'd like to share (excuse me for my rough english translation): Sensitivity of gamer determines addiction. The game-industry usually gets blamed for people that suffer from game-addictions. A new...
  4. sahel

    Large Hadron Collider & World Status

    I just had to share this incredible handy site, now the LHC has been started up again :D: Also the source code made me lmao: :laugh:
  5. sahel

    AMD GPU Cloud supercomputer; something for EU?

    Today I read an interesting article about AMD's plans to develop 'a cloud supercomputer for graphics rendering': Basically the idea is that a game that makes use of this system, gets it's...
  6. sahel

    Another withdrawal timer

    Never guessed I from all people would be withdrawing peds, but since MA has been nice to me, I am pulling out some and enjoy it with a reallife spending spree :D. Withdrawal requested: monday 8 december 2008 Withdrawal done: monday 29 december 2008 Amount withdrawn: ca. 30k peds...
  7. sahel

    ATH: Sahel's 30918 Blausariam Stone

    Oh man I still feel like i'm dreaming... First about two weeks ago me and my wife, after being at a housing-waitinglist for over 9 years, suddenly got ranked 1st on this beautifull appartment. Only since a few days I have the keys. Absolutely a RL ath for me. So after a lot of work on the...
  8. sahel

    The Beatbox Chef

    Technically good, but also a very funny act... The Beatbox Chef Enjoy ;)
  9. sahel

    French (technical) translation needed!

    Hello, A friend of mine is restoring an old car, a 1928 Citroen CV10 B14 to be precise. Click to enlarge He got his hands on a repair and maintenance manual... all original in 1928 french :laugh:. Now our french skills arent that bad, but just some things are too technical or old, even to...
  10. sahel

    Wishlist: proper wishlist

    I wish there was a proper, official 'wishlist' from MA. They should take an example to Dell and Ubuntu with their wishlist initiatives: Popular Ideas - Dell IdeaStorm Ubuntu brainstorm I'd like to see MA spend a little time and money on a likewise system, since I think it would greatly benefit...
  11. sahel

    Wth 1623 Nexnecis alpha!

    Only 3 days ago i've finally hit my first 1k+ solo loot ever. I planned on switching back to mining to try my luck there, but couldn't resist the nexnecis on my radar, and glad i didn't :eek: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge I don't know wth is going on but I like it :wtg:
  12. sahel

    First ever 1k+ solo :)

    When I passed 100k total skills last month I was complaining to my socmates how I never had a 1k+ solo hof. Suffice to say i was really happy when this popped up yesterday after comming down from terrible losses at cp: :wtg::yay:
  13. sahel

    <MM> 2048 Ped Hogglo :)

    Finally something worth posting here :yay: :wtg: EDIT: only oils and wood btw...
  14. sahel

    wanted: high quality hunting video's

    Hey all, I am looking for some nice, high quality (team) hunting video's (no youtube quality). I've had numerous occasions where friends wanted to see what this whole EU thing was about, and i could only show them some blurry youtube vids. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a lot funny...
  15. sahel

    Another Note (2 Nov)

    Hey all, A friend of mine got his hands on another note with a tt of 42 pec, looted today 2 november: I'm having problems reaching the datamatrix decoding website, anyone knows what it says or knows another decoding tool besides Oh and if you are interested in buying it...
  16. sahel

    Halloween Gifts

    I just received halloween presents :) - Jack O'Lantern - Scary Pumpkin Facemask (M) - Evil Skull Facemask (M) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  17. sahel

    Happy Birthday Smiley :-)

    :birthday: Where would the world be without you ;) ? :) :D :laugh:
  18. sahel

    Happy Birthday Nitrosomonas!

    Happy b-day mate :birthday: Hope you have a great day and a nice party ;) :beerchug: :dancing:
  19. sahel

    Argo raider elite, where to find 'em

    Just a minute ago I saw a 211 ped global on one of those. Anyone got a clue where they spawn? Grats to the team btw :)
  20. sahel

    Joost beta / atrox sounds used in docus

    Atrox sounds.... I've been hearing them in National Geographic and Discovery channel docu's, but since i dont record those shows, i was never able to link to one. If you see an episode called 'I shouldn't be alive' where some dude gets lost in the canadian woods and attacked by a bear, listen...
  21. sahel

    Music - Arts the Beatdoctor

    Wanna hear some good music? A friend of mine just released his new album on vinyl and its certainly worthwile checking out: "Arts the Beatdoctor - Transitions" You can listen to a few snippets here: official site:
  22. sahel

    Found "Ferrum Nuts"

    Found this a just a few mins ago: :wtg:
  23. sahel

    The Miner's Mafia Ore & Enmatter Shop

    Check our site or my last post in this thread for prices! The Miner's Mafia society is proud to announce: The Miner's Mafia Ore & Enmatter Shop Omegaton West Habit - Delta Tower Block A Shop # 2 Click here for our online inventory including prices The Miner's Mafia Ore & Enmatter Shop...
  24. sahel

    Eomon alien invasion

    They came from space :eek: ! : Aproaching landing zone... Click to enlarge ...just next to a big longu stalker herde Click to enlarge Their first steps Click to enlarge
  25. sahel

    Scammer / soc intruder: Kim Chu Young (Alex Dobben)

    Watch out for Kim Chu Young Just to let you all know this 'friend' of mine turned out to be a scammer in the end. He took the time and effort to gain trust in our society, the lowest type of scammers. More than a month ago he asked me privately to lend him 200 ped, he claimed had problems...