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    Selling: Tier 9.14 [Herman ASI TEN Edition]

    Selling tier 9.14 tir 112/200 Send msg here for offers
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    Buying: Buying King kong Snubsnob

    Any tier Dm here og ingame
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    Selling: (Adjusted) Angel set (M) - Tier 3/4

    Bought this set a couple of weeks ago, already selling it because the protection/peds invested is too high for what I hunt. Sold off the thighs to a socm8 to complete his set so they come with (L) thighs. [Angel Helmet, Adjusted (M)] Tier 3.99 TIR 159/200 [Angel Foot Guards, Adjusted (M)]...
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    Buying: Want to buy Maddox 4 adj

    Any tier Pm ingame
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    Buying: Isis Project Zero-Three ANY TIER

    Want to buy gun for tt+markup