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  1. xodus4000

    Live Cast from Calypso

    Hi all, I've started my own Youtube channel for ambient music, and I'm planning to do a live stream from various places on Calypso - just a relaxing/chill music stream and roamaround. Would anyone be interested to tune in and watch and listen? My channel is Radio Xodus and I would highly...
  2. xodus4000

    Twitch stream?

    Hi All! Recently I've started pondering on whether there is a place for another twitch stream featuring EU. What I have seen so far was not that popular, or not very viewable. I think the environment of that game provides a pretty good media infrastructure to stream upon, hence me thinking...
  3. xodus4000

    Calypso - Refiner

    Hi all, What woud you recommend as the best non-TT refiner to use on Calypso? Are Imperium Refiners B1 suitable, or I can use them only on Cyrene? Thank you:)
  4. xodus4000

    Products in PE

    Hi. I was wondering if anybody actually tried to promote/sell their real life products in PE
  5. xodus4000

    In-game Radio

    Hi all, My apologies if this question was already asked and answered (haven't found anything concrete in forums though), but is it possible to do a radio broadcast in the game? If so, what does it take in terms of permissions (from MA?) Thank you
  6. xodus4000

    Armor coloring

    Hi! My apologies if this question was already posted an answered, but is it possible to color the pixie armor? I've seen players with different armor color....or is this armor custom made? Thank you:)
  7. xodus4000

    Question: Mentor disappeared

    Hi all, I apologize if this question was asked and answered before, but my mentor is not logging in for a while (in invisible mode) and not replying my messages. I'm about to "graduate" and as I understand there is a reward due. Once I reach 100, do I get this reward automatically, or is it a...