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    Selling: Camo Arms Urban Stalker

    Camo Arms Urban Stalker Trading/Selling AUD Let me know what you have. Tier 3.5 remaining tier numbers 71 105 73 112 90 104 97 BO TT+6k
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    Selling: Mayhem Male armor

    Taking offers on male Merry Mayhem armor. I have all current 4 pieces. Harness, arm guards, helmet, and thighs. Also have Male Jaguar harness tier 3.7 and shins tier 1.something. Send your offers or if you have any questions ask away. Instant BuyOut of 24k ped, Will also trade for CLD
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    Selling: Camo Arms Urban Stalker

    Selling Camo arms urban stalker Tier 1. If you are familiar with the gun then you will be familiar with the price range. Shoot me a message with offers.
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    Selling: Fap-110, Maddox IV, Vigi M Set

    Selling these great items Fap-110 Maddox IV Vigi Male set (Non SGA) Send me a message with your offer.
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    Selling: CB5, S30 Non (L)

    As title says im selling CB5 and S30. Both are non (L) guns CB5 SOLD S30 Make offer TT=198.27
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    Buying: CB13 or CB19

    I am looking to buy a unlimited CB13 or CB19.
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    Fi/Ra/Co Dante Amp

    I am looking to buy Dante amp. Msg me if you are selling I offer TT+900 Thansk