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    Buying: Isis LR63 T8 or higher

    WTB Isis LR63 T8 or higher. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    Buying: Easter Strongboxes

    WTB 2000 Easter Strongboxes. Pm me your offers.
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    Arkadia moon deeds payout

    Hi, My Arkadia moon deeds aren't generating any payouts since 19 Feb in Flow Center. Usully this yesr the would payout 2-3 times per week. Did something changed? Are you experiencing the same or is something broken for me?
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    Selling: Full set [Armor Plating Mk. 5B] x7

    Hi, I've overgrown and want to sell my [Armor Plating Mk. 5B] set of 7. Price: TT(217)+330. PM me here or in game.
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    Selling: S0ph13 Pet -Autoloot 32m- Fully unlocked

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    Selling: Laser Weaponry Technology Skill giveaway

    Bring you ESI and get free Laser Weaponry Technology Skill. The game takes 10% when the ESI is filled. For example for a 10 PED ESI after extraction it will be 9.1 PED Laser Weaponry Technology Skill Implant. PM me here or in game.
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    Buying: WTB Zorra's HK T9

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a Zorra's HK T9. Send me your offers.
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    Buying: Easter boxes

    Looking to buy 250 Easter boxes for 3 ped each. Drop me a Pm if you have any to sell.
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    Athenic Ring, Augmented

    WTS Athenic Ring, Augmented Sold.
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    Question: Pet spawning on Monria main hub?

    Until last Friday I could spawn my pet on Monria inside the main hub but since Sunday I can't anymore, it tells me "You can't spawn your pet in here". I use the same pet, a S0ph13 lvl 14. Do you guys can spawn pets on Monria main hub? I wonder what changed over night as there were no update...
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    Selling: S0ph13 pet for sale

    S0ph13 pet lvl 1 S0ph13 pet lvl 13.8 Metabolic Rate: 19 Buffs: Increase Pet Focus Generation 15% @ lvl 6 Auto loot 32 meters @ lvl 30 SOLD
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    Question: Auto bidding in auction how?

    Yesterday I've tried to put a bid on some Alicenies Gel and some guy raised the bid instantly, I've bid again and again it was raised instantly, I've tried a 3rd time and again I was raised instantly. I quit bidding and minded my own business and today I see that I have the last bid even though...
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    Selling: S0ph13 pet for sale

    S0ph13 pet for sale. SB/BO 700 Ped.
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    Selling: Handgun skill give away

    Hi, I have about 110 PED of handgun skill to give away, you bring the ESI(I provide collateral) and you get a Handgun skill implant. The game take 10% or so from the ESI at skill extraction. PM me here or in game Karina Yassmine Mistyk.