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  1. Sirhc

    Price Check Angel FEN T 6

    Yeah tiering from 5-6 seems quite costly with materials, gems, and tier comps if you pay market prices. My set is sitting at 4.99 while I collect materials for the next upgrade so it just a matter of grinding, mining, and buying gems when they are trending down in price. I would think 35K-40K...
  2. Sirhc

    Suggestion: Light Liquid Drought

    It ebbs and flows plus it probably has been moved around since the last update. I know I was finding it quite a bit then it dried out and then I started finding it again. It seems like each maintenance window changes parameters in some sense. All of this could be an attempt by MA to mitigate...
  3. Sirhc

    Achievement: A Very Merry Mayhem

    Congratulations...again :shots: All joking aside great achievement on the Redulite mission and HOFs. Always fun to be on a roll in EU when all the timing, skills, and equipment line up.
  4. Sirhc

    Robot scrap metal

    There might be other robots that drop this but wiki is saying its from beacon missions
  5. Sirhc

    Question: Is this normal mining now on FOMA?

    FOMA........its a very high risk VS reward threshold plus you are competing against a bunch of mining bots. I've had a few profitable runs there in the distant past but I don't frequent the area as much these days unless I want to kill my PED card or just throw caution to the wind in hopes of...
  6. Sirhc

    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    Hmmm. Seems like that ship was running in Reaver mode. :umn:
  7. Sirhc

    P20 Uber

    Gratz! :D
  8. Sirhc

    Mining for all resources at once? Or just one?

    Mayhem put mining on hold for me over the past week but from what I can tell the fields seem to have remained the same while the resource composition has changed to some degree. Unless I am pressed for time I always run 200+ drops and usually have a good hit rate more than 30% but there are dead...
  9. Sirhc

    ATH: 61130 PED Iron stone

    FIrst off gratz on the nice tower Simon:tower: In response to MeiGDLing's post. If you give people a mystery then by nature people will want to solve it. Tools are only one facet in mining so I don't typically hide them when once in a blue moon I get a tower but to each their own. The only...
  10. Sirhc

    Where's Hogglo hiding?

    There's a LA south west of Oshiri Hearts (see map in next post) that has young-old unless that has changed. PVP2 has Young to Alpha (Alphas are rare) and Diablos from time to time they are right of the tree patch in the middle of the map. Young to Old are North and Old to Alpha are a little more...
  11. Sirhc

    Help: Humor thread. " YOU KNOW LOOT IS BAD WHEN YOU......"

    When you spend more time on Planet Calypso Forum or Discord than you do playing the game When the only 50 PED+ TT value loot you get for the entire week is from your deeds When you spend your entire game time exploring all the malls and even when you buy an item you lose less than hunting and...
  12. Sirhc

    do new players have higher chance on hitting a multi or item drop? statistical or MA's doing?

    Loot is weird in general if you ask me. When I started early on it was really really difficult to get what you needed over a certain level in loot. It took a number of years for me to get my first mining tower back in the day and I mined a lot trying to get to a Strakkan level of mining. The...
  13. Sirhc

    Price Check Wrapped Holiday Hat

    Is it actually wrapped in a texture or is it just diffuse?
  14. Sirhc

    Account Hacked 40,000+ Peds Lost

    Seems odd that they went silent considering they could see the movement of PED and items from your account to another account via the auction. I know they would charge a service fee to return accidently TT'ed items back in the day but that would mean more money out of your pocket. I hope they...
  15. Sirhc

    Question: What is a "reseller"?

    Well we are all resellers to some extent in the game and even in some games that don't have RCE but deal in grey markets. I think "reseller" is used as a blanket term but really there are varying degrees of reselling so its not really a binary thing (resellers/traders <------------> unethical...
  16. Sirhc

    Uber: Summer Ring 2020

    Congratulations! I was trying to loot one of those as well to pair with my Christmas 2016. It will work out well for you. :)
  17. Sirhc

    The " New" mining since last VU

    I've gone on a few mining runs mostly on TI and it seems like the resources are more spread out. It's basically a new area so there are some of the old resources and some new. I still found maganite here and there on the island but it wasn't concentrated to a specific zone like it was in the...
  18. Sirhc

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Well...I guess this will save me some money this week :D Gratz MA. I guess I underestimated the amount of liquid PEDs in game. I can see why such big chunks of deeds were bought. There will be a wave of activity on TI for a while and those with big stacks will get some nice initial returns and...
  19. Sirhc

    Market manipulation, how ?

    Maybe the system throttled back the resource in some way and it lead to someone buying it out and others holding on to what they have until after the VU. I know some resources in fields cycle through being very prevalent to hardly any at all especially when its something that is on the rare...
  20. Sirhc

    What do you do to break-up monotony?

    I go play another game in alpha or go watch my oil painting dry both of which are more entertaining than watching my PED card drain on crap loot. In game I will rearrange my house, check auctions, debate on selling gear to upgrade or replenish my real life savings, map mining fields, and if...
  21. Sirhc

    Suggestion: Empty Skill Implant

    I don't think your an idiot and I know where you are coming from in your suggestion. The only way ESIs would work is if they are incorporated into the other professions in some way like implementing salvaging in mining or crafting them with rare BPs. Is this something on MA's radar? I doubt it...
  22. Sirhc

    Suggestion: Empty Skill Implant

    From a business perspective I don't see MA doing anything like this. There are certain loots and resources associated with each profession and there is some grade within those professions on the likelihood of getting larger and better loots. More skills and better equipment give you opportunity...
  23. Sirhc

    Question: Will Treasure island deeds be worth it.

    TI used to be very popular even when it was taxed. There are some interesting mobs and resources so if its managed correctly I think it could gain back a lot of that activity. The only thing I would change about the deeds is rolling them out in grades (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc) so they can...
  24. Sirhc

    Uber: 5604 Lyst Tower

    Congratulations! :)
  25. Sirhc

    Suggestion: new mining system

    IMHO I think MA just looks at the numbers and if any particular system generates more income for them they will keep it. Wave mining must be something that is positive from their perspective even if it makes for shitty game play. Same could be said for explosive projectile crafting but it...