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  1. Audrey Cheerful

    Question: How to sell lots of deeds?

    Of course, "lots" is relative. Here's the story: I would like to sell my 80 CLDs (a handful are X) and my 675 AUDs. I am not in a big hurry (it doesn't matter if it takes a few weeks). I would like to get a reasonably good price but it does not have to be perfect. How would I go about getting...
  2. Audrey Cheerful

    HoF: My first uber! 5.4k HoF on Kiana Provider

    Yay, in 12 years of playing this is my first uber! :yay:
  3. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Dropship Fearless Firebase

    I finally obtained my dropship from the Fearless Firebase: Since I could not do (or felt not like doing) the necessary daily mission every day it took me about 2.5 years. :yay:
  4. Audrey Cheerful

    Highest Known Psyche in Entropia, Part 3: The Psychening

    Since Ludvig|MindArk (the player formerly known as Nighthawk) has stopped updating his old Psyche lists, I made a new one as suggested by Xpl0jd and seconded by Mega. ;) I would like to keep the good spirit of the first two parts alive by largely adopting their rules: To be added to the list...
  5. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: 100k PEDs in hunting loot recorded by

    I recently hit the 100k PEDs mark on :yay: The first global that EL recorded was in January of 2010 on Atrox. Way before that (around 2007) I had my very first global on an Armax Cow. :bull: I thought I was nearly an uber back that. :silly2:
  6. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: 200k skills

    It has been a long time since I had anything to post in this subforum. So I am even happier to report that I hit 200k skills: :yay:
  7. Audrey Cheerful

    Buying: Female Hermes parts

    I am looking for the following female Hermes parts: Hermes Foot Guards (F,L) - Bought Hermes Groin Guard (F,L) - Bought Hermes Shin Guards (F,L) - Bought Hermes Shoulder Guards (F,L) - Bought Low TT would be ideal. Any sellers? :girl: Edit: Paying good MU for low TT parts! Edit 2: I have...
  8. Audrey Cheerful

    Question: Attribute missions on Monria planned?

    Since I don't feel like making an account on the Monria forum yet I would like to try here first to ask my question. None of the missions on Monria seem to give attributes. I would like to visit the place some day but I need a good reason to do so. Does anybody know if there are any missions...
  9. Audrey Cheerful

    Embra Spectral Enblade (L)

    I just got this baby in a HoF: :yay: Since I can't use it myself for quite some time I would like to sell it. However, I have no idea what MU would be fair. No Embra Spectral Enblade (L) has ever been sold on...
  10. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: 90 Agility

    I know this is nothing for many of you but I don't have so many achievements to post so here goes: I just hit 90 agility after finishing the 10k 'phyl mission and handing in the tokens. :)
  11. Audrey Cheerful

    New loading screen

    I hereby request a new loading screen. The mothership is getting old. :wtg:
  12. Audrey Cheerful

    Salamander Set, female (I think), BO TT+2000

    Sadly I have to part with this salamander set: I think they are both female. Since I never figured out how to do any upgrades they must be below tier 1. SB: TT+1000 BO: TT+2000 Happy bidding! :wtg: Edit: Update! I forgot to mention that I am NOT selling off any parts!
  13. Audrey Cheerful

    Laser weapons and recoil

    And rightly so since photons do carry a momentum. This is how solar sails work. A laser and yes, even a flashlight, have a recoil. Now about the force of that recoil... That's a wee bit off. ;) :wise: Edit: This post was never intended as the first post in a new thread. The mods were so kind...
  14. Audrey Cheerful

    Discovery: MacMahon Redeemer (L)

    Weeee, I discovered the MacMahon Redeemer (L)! :yay: Have a look at the recommended levels and the background story!
  15. Audrey Cheerful

    Buying: Two CLDs for 1280 a pop

    The title says it all. Any takers? :) Edit: Bought! :D
  16. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Combat Sense unlocked

    Probably my last unlock for a long time: :yay:
  17. Audrey Cheerful

    Adventure zones

    I would like to see zones that bring back the sense of adventure EU once had. To facilitate that, no vehicles should be allowed or usable in such a zone. Instead of just forbidding vehicles there could be storyline based reasons. There could be mines that blow up landbased vehicles and anti-air...
  18. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Wounding unlocked

    :wtg: Combat Sense will come soon, too! :)
  19. Audrey Cheerful

    Buying: Three CLDs for 1270 each

    Title says it all. I would like to buy three CLDs and am willing to pay 1270 for each. Please post in this thread or PM me if you are willing to sell. Thank you! :broke: Edit: Bought! Wallin Rigu Dimas was so kind so sell to me! I thank him for a quick and kind contact and trade! :shower:
  20. Audrey Cheerful


    What do small quantities of CLDs (5 or less) go for per CLD at the moment, please? :scratch:
  21. Audrey Cheerful

    Buying: Three CLDs

    I would like to increase my collection (I am no stinking reseller ;) ) of CLDs by three. I am also willing to buy one or two. Please let me know in this thread if you have some to sell or PM me. :wtg:
  22. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Treatment unlocked

    I unlocked treatment the other day. Hellooooo nurse! :yay:
  23. Audrey Cheerful

    Training lasers for training space combat

    I would like to see training lasers or training weapons that can be fitted to vehicles to train combat, especially space combat. They would do no damage but both parties would receive a message and an audio signal when a hit occured. This way people could get better prepared for pvp areas they...
  24. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Medium Health

    Little Cheery hit 150 HPs: :yay: I am amazed how far I have come. I still remember like it was yesterday when I only had 149 HPs.
  25. Audrey Cheerful

    Achievement: Avoidance

    Another little unlock for little Cheery: :yay: