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    Society chat is gone ...

    Can't find the Society Chat tab anywhere since today's maintenance..
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    Selling: Shop Keepers: 5k each

    As the title says, I have 2 Shop Keepers to sell, 5k each. They are female. Message me in-game directly: Inherent Marxus Legends
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    Thanks for the Shrapnel MindArk :)

    It has now been exactly 1 week since the last VU (17.2) and I have been saving all the Shrapnel I have obtained through my crafting activities so I could see what difference this less-than-one-pec return has made for me. Here is the stack I now have after 1 week: If I keep crafting at the...
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    1 week of RX Units to wrap up Spring Robot offensive

    Can we have a week of shared RX Units to wrap the Spring Robot offensive? We haven't seen this mob in many years... Can we have some big ones in PvP, some smaller ones outside of PvP, maybe around the Forts. Make some tweaks to the loot table if needed. It's an interesting mob and one of the...
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    Rejoice Miners! Markups finally going up!!

    Approximately 10% higher year-over-year: Much, much MUCH higher then 12 months ago: These graphs are all over a 12 month period and although resources are always up and down, it's clear to see that there is a definite upward trend here. That is no small feat and I'm...
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    New Armor for miners: eMINE II (M) & (F)

    There is a little known armor in Entropia which was initially designed for Miners many many years ago. So many things have changed in Entropia since that time, among other things, we now have buffs on armors and I think it's way overdue that we show our miners some love with something that is...
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    Selling: 2x Shop Keepers

    SOLD - close thread *Sold naked without any clothing or accessories
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    Is Mayhem Pay-to-Win or Luck?

    Is Mayhem Pay-to-Win or Luck? I've been giving this question much thought lately and I'm really curious to see where people stand on this. Choose the one statement that you agree with most: 1. Winning Mayhem is pure luck 2. To win you need mostly luck, good equipment helps 3. Luck and...
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    Legend's Unlimited Armor Rentals

    Seems that over the years I have accumulated quite a few Armor sets, some of them are up for sale in one of my shops and some are just lying around in storage, either way, they are not being used and that's kind of a shame really. So I've been thinking about the prospect of perhaps renting out...
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    A Most Complete Guide to Armors (2020 Edition)

    In June 2017, MindArk released Loot 2.0 which changed how the loot system calculates how much loot you get. In order for these new loot calculations to make sense, MindArk had to make defensive costs cheaper for everyone and so many changes were made to how Armors absorb damage and how they...
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    LEGEND's TIER'ed ARMOR SETS! - Twin Peaks Mall, 2nd Floor

    Thank you for checking out my new "TIER'ed Armor Sets" shop where I plan to put on offer some of the better Unlimited Armor sets with tiers 2 and above! All about Armor Enhancers First let's talk about Armor Enhancers and what they can do for you. When it comes to Armors, there are only 2...
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    Other rewards besides skills in the Codex

    Was just thinking 'what if I don't want any more skills?' Most of them are not profitable to sell anyway. What good is the Codex to me if I don't want my skills to increase any further? Yeah I could take skills like Botany that won't raise my hunting level beyond my Mayhem Category but that...
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    Buying: Perseus Arms and Gloves Blueprints

    Just need the Perseus Arms and Gloves BPs now. Send me a message here or in-game, my full avatar name is: Inherent Marxus Legends Cheers o/ Legends
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    Selling: Armor Plating Mk. 5B , Adjusted (set of 7)

    I've got a set of these amazing armor plates, completely blocks the attack once in every 100 hits! Startbid: make me an offer Instant Buyout: SOLD Cheers o/ Legends Edit: all sold
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    Selling: Cthulhu Tower shop #3 (comes w/display deed)

    Well it seems the time has come for me to part with my beloved Monria shop so that I may be able to focus all my time and energy mainly on my 4 Armor shops on the 2nd floor of Twin Peaks mall. This shop is Cthulhu tower - shop #3, it comes with the Deed for the corresponding outside Display...
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    Legends' Hunting Blog!

    Thank you for checking out this Hunting Blog where I will share the details of my Hunting adventures in Entropia with everyone. First things first, here are my goals and the main reasons why I'm doing this: 1. I want to get back into hunting again 2. I want to learn and get better and smarter...
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    What day of the week has better loot returns?

    If like me you have observed that generally speaking, loot returns tend to be better for you on one particular day during the week, and worse on another, I'd really be curious to know which day that is. So, which day of the week has been better for you in general? 1. Saturday 2. Sunday 3...
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    Looter Professions and your % TT returns

    Was just thinking about all this efficiency business and TT returns and so on... If we take these 2 statements together: And: What do we end up with? If we take the 2 largest samples above, the 10k PED sample and 100k PED sample, and average them, we get a mean of 96%. We know that the...
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    DIRTY DINGO's accepting applicants

    DIRTY DINGO's is an established Society in Entropia with good repute. We are an English speaking Society with members from Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New-Zealand. Our focus is on hunting but we also have a few members who are professional miners. We are laid back, we do random team hunts...
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    Buying: Firewall mk-III Blueprints (set)

    Looking to acquire a set of Firewall mk-III blueprints. Please message me here or in-game if you have it for sale. Cheers o/ Legends
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    Does your Gold Card still work???

    My Gold Card was still working a couple days ago, but now I get an 'internal error' message when logging in.... So I'm thinking maybe this is the end of the road for the Gold Card... It would really help to find out if this is the case if someone could answer: does anyone's Gold Card still...
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    Making Apartments & Shops more useful

    Seems to me that the overriding principle for a lot of things in this game is based on Keynesian economics of 'Create Want'. The problem with this principle is that in real life, taken to it's natural end, all you are left with is everyone starving and sick... Pretty bold statement I guess but...
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    Selling: Tiger (M) armor set - most parts tier 2

    Got a full set of Tiger (M) armor for sale. Here's the stats with defense enhancers: What Tiger Armor protection adds up to with Defense enhancers (showing stats up to tier 4): Damage Type No Enhancers with 1 Defense Enhancer with 2 Defense Enhancers with 3 Defense Enhancers with 4...
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    Wyapoint Coordinates default to ground elevation

    Annoying issue with Copy/Pasting custom waypoints... I noticed that when I paste a custom waypoint in local or in a message, the custom elevation is not preserved, and instead, the ground elevation is substituted. Using the chat command /waypoint, I created a custom waypoint, at the 2nd floor...
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    Buying: Phantom Armor Blueprints (set)

    I'm looking for the set of Blueprints to craft Phantom armor. Please message me if you are serious about selling. Thank you :) Legends