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  1. Thorns Rose

    Info: Next Island Fun

    Next Island is cool but just in case anyone is wondering, this from Devs: NextIslandDevToday at 3:18 PM Hello Next Islanders, We have adjusted the total damage output of the AoE attacks of the Enslaved Daudaormurs, lowering it to be more reasonable. However, due to a small one digit typo, the...
  2. Thorns Rose

    Bugs before patch

    I am not sure if this has been mentioned but just in case before patch: Natural Regeneration from your avatar is broken. :(
  3. Thorns Rose


    Can someone please explain to me or walk me through. I bought a android phone and MA removed GC capabilities for me and there is a QR code, I enabled more cameras than the Kardashians to use. I I have Entropia pocket app. I get QR code from Activation/security website . All I get is a red...
  4. Thorns Rose

    Webshop Issue

    FyI: Sunday night, I went to buy keys etc and when I went to checkout kept looping and saying error, it eventually did after few tries . Then today my GC was unsynched to log into game from tries last night, I'm guessing. (I think reentering in code on error page was where problem...
  5. Thorns Rose

    Mad Dog Streaming

    See, this is a good example. I like this new player exploring and I get to peek at what exciting things he experiences and does and maybe be some help. I don't know, I just think things like this is cool and I like to help.
  6. Thorns Rose

    Price Check Eudoracell

    Soc mate left me with this pet to help sell months ago, so curious how much I should price this Lvl33 pet is? If anyone interested as well just message me here or ingame ,please. [Eudoracell Pet]
  7. Thorns Rose

    Suzy Entropia

    Suzy Entropia streaming and I have to say..her music is awsome! Suzy has bee around since PE and she doesn't stream very often, come check her out. She doesnt stream for ads or cash and just for friends..Got to love that!
  8. Thorns Rose

    Soc Chat

    I don't know if anyone noticed but there is a chat bug in Society chat. Today, when I was going to log out I went to say"Goodnight" to Society and got a RED TEXT MESSAGE. It told me, " I exceeded my messages to that channel." Ok, Maybe I chat too much? :eyecrazy: Anyway, just letting you...
  9. Thorns Rose

    Land Grab Live Now!

    Sam is streaming Land Grab for us to watch.. Yippikayeemf Vs. Payn Inc Edit: Yippikayeemf Won the LG
  10. Thorns Rose


    Congratulations Forgo! :yay: Good Luck​ on your new Land Area on Rocktropia!
  11. Thorns Rose

    Baby Oxide

    Baby Oxide now Streaming..Good Luck
  12. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Some fun news

    Well, I didn't know exactly where to put this and if wrong category placement, please feel free to move. I like the idea of 'attracting more players to gaming platform." ~...
  13. Thorns Rose

    NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space LIVE NOW!

    NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! Live now with updates and weather issues. Edit: Had to scrub launch because of weather till Saturday..we were sooo close.
  14. Thorns Rose

    Entropia Discord II

    EDIT: Is closed, I find Discord a bit boring and time consuming. Good luck with others.
  15. Thorns Rose

    SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator

    Rue in Discord had posted this and it just looks so cool, give it a shot! This simulator will familiarize you with the controls of actual interface used by NASA Astronauts to manually pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle to the International Space Station.
  16. Thorns Rose

    Thank You EU

    Dear EU, Now that the quarantine is lifting and more places are opening, I want to take a moment and 'Thank You" for keeping us/players occupied (and for this game ) at home and helping us not go bored, crazy. ( Ok, I do some times) I think was perfect timing as mission deadline approaches. I...
  17. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Refining Recipe Guide

    Hello, The other day a new player had asked me if there was a chart or book that shows what recipes of resources are to be used to make different things in Entropia Universe. I said, "You can try the wiki" but I personally, after all these years, did not know for I went and did...
  18. Thorns Rose

    Question: Treasure Island - Furors

    I am not sure if this is the right category for this, as I don't think this is a 'owned' Land Area now, so please move if it fits appropriately in another category. I have seen the return of Dasps back for missions and etc. which is nice and Thank You. I then started wondering if Mindark...
  19. Thorns Rose

    Well Made Video Of Old

    Ohhh I love that ship...Here is a old video and really well done. :wtg:
  20. Thorns Rose

    Bit Of Fun- LG

    Land Grab going on Now if anyone interested: Being shown on Twitch.. Edit: Payne-Inc still holds it
  21. Thorns Rose

    Cerberus Streaming

    Cerberus is streaming and eating beanboozle beans while we are doing his second beacon. Come have some fun. :wtg:
  22. Thorns Rose

    Funnies and More Funnies!

    I think we all need a good if you guys have any funnies stashed away..Go for it! :laugh:
  23. Thorns Rose

    Suggestion: Aurli On Calypso

    Yes, I know Aurli is exclusive to Crystal Palace but since the pinch is on for mission closing, it would be cool if Aurli visited Calypso like Dasps did for a few weeks and also introduce that mob to the masses. You can then snap them back up to CP afterwards, gives us players a bit of a head...
  24. Thorns Rose

    Coming Soon!

    While we are caught up in current quarantine news, lets not forget to look to skies as well. Oh wait...We may have not missed it :)
  25. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Jaz is Twitching Steel Bird Elites

    20 minutes from now he will be twitching : Steel Bird Elites Come checkout Jaz's new Twitch, he has been only on Twitch for few hours. Good Luck Jaz!