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    Banned from the #trade and #calytrade

    Banned from #trade, and #calytrade The cartels have spoken and im not allowed to post messages in these channels anymore I have been banned from the supposedly public #trade, and #calytrade channels. Today I started new trading channel #fairtrade to everyone, specially for newbies so they dont...
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    Buying: Land area

    Calypso based LA's. Looking one or two pm me all details thanks.
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    Royal Club Shop <- 5 Meters of teleport offering Pills, Armatrix, Enhancer

    If you love fast shopping with low prices Royal Club Shop is for you. Serving from 5 Meters of Royal Club teleport We are offering Pills 5/10/15mg Hyper, Accu, Deva, Medistim, Nutri Neur A Armatrix 10-90 Damage enhancers 1-10 Welcome
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    Buying: Yog Horror

    want to buy this pet pm me ingame
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    Buying: Shopkeeper Pad

    want to buy few shopkeeper pads. contact me ingame
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    Buying: Want to rent CAT 5 weapon (max base dps 82. LVL 50 )

    Want to rent CAT 5 weapon (max base dps 82. LVL 50 ) collateral provided. I can use weapons up to level 55 pm me here or ingame
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    Selling: mining strongbox

    over 100 in stock, pm me for offer
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Entropiafund Events How to get Entropiafund points New event will honor you Entropiafund points of each global (hunting / mining) what you get in Entropiafund Land Areas. Land / Mob / Recource List can be found bottom of this post. Entropiafund Points exhange rate to us is 1:1 so 1 Point...
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    FYI: Amps work even they have run out of TT

    Heya We noticed about bug that L amps and atleast A103 works even they dont have TT left. it gives you the typical yellow (system) warning messages as it gets close to breaking. Then the warning messages stop coming but the gun still works. Support case also sent.
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    FOMA - Biodome #9 Mining event

    Here's an Mining event for Land ares below FOMA - Dome #9 [Asteroid, 67382, 70454] The rules are simple: 1. You go mine to Dome 9 2. When you global/hof over 500+ peds you get 200 PEDs extra per global / hof 3. You have to post picture of hof with timestamp and radar invisible from...
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    Selling: Level 8 Unlimited Amplifier

    Selling best UL amp what exist in universe. BO 250k approx 5-6 hours mining per day saves you around 7k ped of amplifier markups in month. ofc more if u use it in FOMA, HELL etc.
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    Buying: Blazar and Nova

    as title says buying blazar and nova pm me ingame please if u have some to sell
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    Buying: compet deed

    WTB compets 13ped each
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    Saturday's HAPPY HOUR at Royal Club

    Saturday's HAPPY HOUR at Royal Club Happens when: 11.8.2018 Saturday MA TIME 16.00-19.00 Happens where: LA #23 ~Royal Club (30200, 40000) - Berycled LA #24 - ~Royal Club (31700 , 40000) - Ambulimax Happens what: We pay our Berycled (200PED) bonus and Ambulimax (300PED) bonus in double...
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    Uber: Entropiafund JACKPOT winner!!!!

    Hi guys Vaya Peaso LOOt won 10% of pool yesterday with a ambu Vaya Peaso Loot won the 10% of pool with a ambulimax young 17.45 h 31-03-2018 116 peds global screenshot!AvdfWGJ4feKfglXV3kk4NtaB8ZC7 BIG GZ for 3117 PEDs claim for 31k ped jackpot !!!!
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    Entropiafund Mining Mania

    This event is now suspended from start of MAY You can find recent Entropiafund Mining and hunting event from here Please contact me for reward payments. All registrations from old events has been...
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    Buying: Welding Wire blueprints

    Any amount. 140% pm me ingame
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    FOMA SHOP #53 - Main Complex Block B!

    FOMA SHOP #53 Main Complex Block B! next to Teleport - 70790, 70303, 359 Stocked with mining amps! level 5 level 7 level 8 level 13 d-class Coming soon Terra amps!
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    Selling: summer ring 2016

    Hey, Selling this beauty Summer ring 2016 since I need peds for next Land Area Summer ring 2016 8% Faster Reload 40% Increased Regeneration 2% Increased Critical Hit chance 20% Faster Run speed 25% Skill Bonus - Laser Weapons 25% Skill Bonus - BLP Weapons 25% Skill Bonus - Melee Weapons SB...
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    Info: Hunting Academy on Rocktropia

    Welcome to Hunting Academy Hunting Academy is a unique place for gaining melee skills, evade and HP very quickly and efficiently. Following rewards are provided to any avatar for graduating: 659.20 ped TT Evade skill (or same amount Melee Combat skill) 10,400.00 pure ped Participation in...
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    Entropiafund Mining Mania *MAY 2017* 1500 PED prize pool*

    1. Register here in this thread with your ingame avatar name. (Your globals will be counted from whole event time even you register on last date of event.) You mine at event land areas and collect points. TOP3 highest TOTAL scores will be rewarded. 500 Peds 350 Peds 150 peds Total prize...
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    Selling: summer ring 2016

    I decided keep ring so I will cancel sale. There was no SB met so i guess its ok then. Thanks for many many many offers everyone! thread can be closed.
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    Selling: Twin peaks bank shares

    Twin Peaks Bank Shares I am selling up to 3% 7.5k per 1% Twin peaks bank fund is managed & run by "Divinity Deth Undefined" Avg Payout per 1% every month since the introduction of bank shares: 79.638125 PED So ROI is currently 12.7421% per yr, much better than CLDs or AUDs. Original info...
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    Buying: foma shop

    looking foma shop tell me size, item points, location, price etc etc pm me here or ingame
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    summer ring 2016

    how much this is worth, I see so many buying threads and none selling....