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    Selling: Miluca Timber and Halix hide

    selling Miluca timber @ 110% and halix hide @ 105%
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    Selling: Hermetic Ring perfected

    Selling this ring +550 ped
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    Weak Argonaut Claws FEN Edition

    I wish weak Argo claws made some kind of sound when used.... you know, like all the other weapons...... derp.
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    Selling: Oratan Axe - 45m Autoloot pet

    lvl 19 Oratan axe pet. 45m Autoloot buff unlocked. SB: 4K BO: 4.5K Will trade for CLD/AUD/adj resto chip
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    Selling: Melee Trauma Amp II Fen

    Taking offers for Melee Trauma Amp II Fen
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L2

    Selling my Emik enigma L2 tier 0 - 2.5k ped Pairs perfectly with Dante. Very good for cat3. Sold. Thread can be closed
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    Selling: Lvl22 Rabbiger pet - 14% accell buff unlocked

    Selling my Lvl22 Rabbiger, fully fed, run speed buff unlocked. 1k ped
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    Selling: Aeglic Ring Perfected

    Garment Slot: Right hand ring Equip Effect: Increased Health (20.00 points) Equip Effect: Increased Regeneration (50%) Price: 700 + TT
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    Selling: Mountain Gorilla - auto loot pet

    Selling my lvl 14 Mountain Gorilla - Autoloot buff unlocked and fully fed. Sold
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L2 Tier 7.9 + Dante

    Selling Emik Enigma L2 Tier 7.9 Price : 3.5k Dante: sold
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    Selling: Calytrek Spirit MK. I t4.9

    Looking to sell my Calytrek Spirit MK.I t4.9 SB\BO: trade agreement reached, thread closed :wtg:
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    Buying: Knight (F) full set

    Looking for Knight (F) full set, pls PM with price. ----- FOUND. THREAD CLOSED.
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    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Angst

    Looking for a Fi/Ra/Co Angst PM with price pls.