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  1. True Juan

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected

    Hi, Possibly interested in this weapon. PM your price. Regards, True
  2. True Juan

    Selling: Unlimited eMine PG (M) Armor Set (High Tier) - SOLD!!!

    Hi guys, Taking offers on this very nice and quite rare set Tier - Part 3.99 Helmet 5.53 Harness 4.96 Gloves 4.99 Arms 4.89 Thighs 4.99 Shins 3.99 Foot Not in a rush to sell. Prefer Peds Items of interest: Thunderbird (M), Viking (M)...
  3. True Juan

    Buying: Liakon (M)

    Hi, Interested in this armor. Pls PM prices. I have a Tier 4-5 eMine (M) that could be interesting or just pure peds. Thx, True
  4. True Juan

    So I did a Beacon.... after 11 years

    Hey guys, Ive been around this "game" for some time now, and around Two weeks ago, I finally went on the "new improved beacon" after doing the last one over 11 years ago. I've been warned it sucks compared to PE beacons, and thats why I was ignoring them, but gave it a go... And what people...
  5. True Juan

    Selling: BP-20 FEN Edition T2.99 [SOLD]

    Hi guys, I like this weapon but decided to change my style, and will be changing to a BC-30 Modified instead once I find one. Price: 14000 Peds, or BC-30 Modified (+ peds from my side). SOLD Other possible offers in PM (But mostly looking for the gun :) ) Thanks, True
  6. True Juan

    Buying: ISIS LR32 or LR53 Modified

    Hi, Possibly buying one of these weapons. PM if you are selling... I prefer LR32 :) Regards, True
  7. True Juan

    Selling: HERMAN ASI TEN Tier 9.27 [SOLD]

    Hi, Possibly selling HERMAN ASI TEN Tier 9.27 With dante, imp ares, and enhancers, you can get 120 DPS and only need LVL 42 to be maxed :) Great weapon overall, and I'd keep it, but have too many weapons anyways. PRICE: +12000 with Dante Offers welcomed ITEMS of Interest: A&P Series Mayhem...
  8. True Juan

    Buying: Thunderbird (M) / Liakon (M) / Mah'ketta (M) / Viking (M) / Cetus (M) / Armor Set UL

    Hi guys, Looking to buy one or two of these UL sets: Thunderbird (M), Viking (M), Liakon (M), Cetus (M), Mah'ketta (M). PM me your price. Regards, True
  9. True Juan

    Stamina for Codex?

    Hey, Maybe its a stupid idea or has been mentioned before but what do you think of getting I dont know 1-10 stamina tokens from finishing Rank 25 in codex? Also possibility of repeatable? Ofcourse not make it too easy to get so the award should be depending on how hard the mob is. Since iron...
  10. True Juan

    Renting: Herman ASI TEN Tier 9

    Hi Guys, Renting out HERMAN ASI TEN T9 requiring only LVL 42 to Max and can do up to 120 DPS with dante + enhancers + ares imp :) So try your luck in Summer Mayhem... PM me here or in-game and we can discuss details. (Collateral is required) True :bandit:
  11. True Juan

    Buying: ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition

    Hi, Looking for this weapon. Paying PURE PEDS :) PM if you are selling. True :bandit:
  12. True Juan

    Communicate already FFS!!!

    MA, Really guys, wtf? Why dont you already make a statement??? - 100QR blueprints in technicians - Enhancers enhancing amplifiers Is this intentional, if not what are you guys doing about it? You guys have this info since yesterday, why is there no comments on this? True :bandit:
  13. True Juan

    Selling: Herman ASI TEN Tier 9.26

    Hi, Considering selling HERMAN ASI TEN Tier 9.26 With dante, imp ares, and enhancers, you can get almost 120 DPS on this puppy, and only need LVL 42 to be maxed :) Great weapon overall. PRICE: +12000 with Dante (NON-NEGOTIABLE) True :bandit:
  14. True Juan

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected

    Hi, Possibly interested. PM me your prices. Regards, True :bandit:
  15. True Juan

    Selling: Angel (M) FEN Tier 2.0

    Hi all, Possibly selling this set. (Still not completely decided since I like it, but have something else I might want to buy - wish I could have both :laugh:). This armor provides Evade, Dodge and Decrease Critical Damage 15% +19k...
  16. True Juan

    Selling: Ghost (M) Armor Set

    Hi, Selling full set. PM price. True :bandit:
  17. True Juan

    Selling: Omegaton Igni Tier 6.8

    Hi, Selling: Omegaton Igni Tier 6.8 BO +2000 PEDS (Offers in PM) Thanks, True :bandit:
  18. True Juan

    Selling: Ozpyn HK S1X1 Tier 6.4

    Hi, Selling Ozpyn HK S1X1 Tier 6.4 BO +2500 True :bandit:
  19. True Juan

    Suggestion: Message Center Change

    Hi, I think the way the message center works now is very weird (I know its been like that since it was changed to current state but it has always been pissing me off) :) Instead of the way it is now, there should be an ALL TAB (where u get all messages), and then when you click on certain...
  20. True Juan

    Selling: Ark Formal Tuxedo - Black

    Hi guys, Selling Ark Formal Tuxedo - Black +350 Regards, True
  21. True Juan

    Selling: Easter Ring 2019

    Hi, Selling/Trading this interesting ring since Im aiming now for a different one. PM offers Items CAN be part of the trade. SOLD!!! Thanks, True
  22. True Juan

    Buying: Spiral Street Dark Strife Jacket (M)

    Hi guys, Would like to buy this rare jacket if possible :) Thanks, True
  23. True Juan

    MA competition coming???

    Hi guys, I made this thread a while back: And suddenly this comes up: If these guys dont make same mistakes as MA, we might find the answer to this thread...
  24. True Juan

    Buying: Eron SoulShredder

    Hi guys, Looking for this weapon. Thanks, True
  25. True Juan

    Christmas Ring 2017 / 2018

    Hi, Wondering what the pricing is on this ring. Regards, True