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    Selling: Ranked Combat knife

    Im selling ranked combat knife. TT is 22.62 peds and tier is at 3.9 Current offer +650 rules : Make an offer, I will update the thread and if nobody outbid till the next day, you get it. So this offer last for 24 hours from now. thanks dab
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    Selling: Selling Ranked combat knife tier 3.9

    Selling this knife. TT+1500 peds Pm me with offers if you are interested or write here. thanks
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    Download entropiauniverse

    Hi all, Is there a way to download the whole game at once, without using their interface ? Using their interface it, i always have message telling that there is an error downloading entropia_universe_10.3.0.36870_setup.exe. Thanks for your help.
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    Selling: Duchev loG 7

    Duchev loG 7 is for sale, anyone interested?
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    Selling full nemesis (m) and castorian survival 10

    Hi, I'm selling full nemesis (m) and castorian survival 10. PM me please. It needs to be sold in less than a week. thanks.
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    Buying Castorian Survival Enblade 11

    Hello. As the title says, i'd like to get this blade. I pay well. ;) PM with your offers. regards dabioka