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  1. kingofaces

    FYI: Auction and shop fee guide

    Back when I started playing, it was difficult to find what the formula was for auction fees, and there were often different formulas out there that gave different results. That happened to me even more so when it came to figuring out shop fees that have even less information out there. Looking...
  2. kingofaces

    Selling: D-class blueprint: QR 76 - SOLD

    SOLD I upgraded to a better BP, but I was sitting at about 70% ROI in a little over a year crafting in this QR range (over 1k clicks) compared to buying for mining at 103.75% MU on D-class. Depends how much you can cycle through amps for selling/mining and your ability to craft cheaply...
  3. kingofaces

    Buying: Jarhead (M) Thigh and Shin Guards

  4. kingofaces

    Skill gains and decay

    This is just from the little bit of hunting I've done without any real in-depth tracking, but I always thought it seemed like the amount you get with skill gains is based solely on decay, not total cost per shot (assuming SIB is the same). Can anyone confirm if that's the case? It always seemed...
  5. kingofaces

    Selling: D-class blueprint

    Taking offers on a D-class Mining Amp (L) BP. QR = 33.8 Upgraded to a higher QR, so I'm willing to part with this one now. Hit a 928 ped HoF with it about a week ago, so it can pay for itself depending on how you craft. SOLD
  6. kingofaces

    Selling: Ghost (M) armor set

    All tier 0, so none of that nonsense over worrying about tiers. TT+270 takes it.
  7. kingofaces

    Selling: Ecotron v.15e Prototype and Omegaton A105, Adjusted

    It's been a fun gun for me, but I don't hunt as often anymore with this setup. Ecotron v.15e Prototype Tier 1.2 Tier rate: 160/200 SOLD
  8. kingofaces

    Logging mining returns since October 2019

    I'm not much of one for standard mining log posts, but I had been playing around with Excel for awhile to get it to chart my current net returns every day I close the file. I thought I'd throw an example up there, and also show you can profit off mining in this game under the current system...
  9. kingofaces

    Farming while crafting items with condition

    So I'm thinking about crafting some cheap furniture on Rocktropia trying to get a specific BP or two. However, in my little trial run, the only time I had a BP drop was when it was a success and it was a multiplier that gave me full TT value and excess TT that goes to residue and the BP. The...
  10. kingofaces

    Mining texture bonanza

    Back when I started mining around 7 years ago and was looking for clothes beyond my yellow pajamas, I always really like the idea of having a mined resource only textured outfit. At the time, that was too expensive for me, but I had the chance to splurge a little bit now. One of my-game goals...
  11. kingofaces

    Buying: Texture Engineering skill

    Looking to buy up to 10 ped TT in skills.
  12. kingofaces

    Finder decay is returned in claims

    Background So a few years back I did some testing between different decay finders (F-211 (L) and Ziplex Z15 (L)) with a 1.25 PEC difference per drop to see if finder decay was returned in loot or not. This was started because there were claims that finder decay was returned in claims, but there...
  13. kingofaces

    Buying: High QR Mining Speed Excavator Enhancer 1 Blueprint

    I need dis. BOUGHT
  14. kingofaces

    Question: Largest sources of metal/enmatter residue?

    With residue prices creeping up and hard to get around the old 101-101.5% range, I've been wondering what the main sources of metal/enmatter residue are in the game? I won't speculate whether price increases are more on the supply or demand side, but it seems like there are a few different...
  15. kingofaces

    HoF: Massive Lysterium: 953 ped

    Mining has been good for me lately, but I haven't a a near-uber in awhile now, so the amount came as a surprise when I heard the HoF audio when those have normally been 100-200 ped HoFs for me lately. Terra 6 finder + level 5 amp. It would have been cool if it was something other than lyst, but...
  16. kingofaces

    Selling: Finder F-106 tier 7.99

    I'm using a different finder setup nowadays, so I'd like to give someone else a chance as using this fun finder. SOLD
  17. kingofaces

    Selling: Ecotron v.26b Prototype

    Tier 1.99 ready to tier up. I'm looking to downsize to an Ecotron v.15e Prototype since I don't hunt enough to justify the higher damage, so I'm most interested in someone looking to include that as part of their offer. PM me with offers. 41.8 base DPS for those figuring out Mayhem...
  18. kingofaces

    Question: Looting planet specific BPs

    Let's say I'm hoping to loot one of those Arakadia mining amp blueprints or really any other planet specific BP. I know I'd need to be crafting other attachment BPs (planet specific or not) to get a similar type, but do I need to be on the same planet for that too? For example, if I'm crafting...
  19. kingofaces

    Deleting entry

    I goofed on an attempt at editing and accidentally made a dummy BP article. I'm not finding obvious options, but how do you delete an entry like this?
  20. kingofaces

    Selling: Level 5 amplifier blueprint

    QR = 88.92 Sold
  21. kingofaces

    Buying: High QR D-class amplifier blueprint

  22. kingofaces

    Buying: High QR Level 5 Amplifier Blueprint

    I might also consider a D-class. PM here or in-game with the QR. Edit: Bought one
  23. kingofaces

    Selling: UL Terra Amp 1 Goldrush

    I’m looking into upgrading amps, so it’s also time to think about selling this amp to fund that when the time comes. Some stats: Terra Amp 1 Gold Rush 0.80 ped decay per drop 45 TT 56 uses from full TT Similar to level 3 amp (1 ped per drop vs Terra amp's 0.80 ped/drop) It’s a great optimized...
  24. kingofaces


    Has anyone else noticed a downtick in SOOTO (something out of the ordinary) occurrences? I mostly mine on Caly, but I haven't had one since before the Easter Mayhem excluding a recent one at Hell (got a Divine GPS Unit out of it). I used to seem to get at least one or two a month before Easter...
  25. kingofaces

    Buying: Rosewood Short Board

    Looking to do a little crafting on Rocktropia, so if you have some in storage, pm me here or in game.