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  1. BestGamerEver

    First avatar logged out forced by an PlanetPartener Official :)

    I might be the first avatar booted out from the game manually by an official avatar ever :yay: It all started here: ...continued: ...and boom the green light of achievment (or gray screen of disconect): I did not know i was manually booted out until i find out that the PP brags about...
  2. BestGamerEver

    "Yog-spicious" Mayhem Assault Results

    In my opinion the scoreboard on many categories is still containing unfair results. MA deleted some results yet same ppl and even few others did score high using exactly the same yog-bug just combined with non laser weapons (plasma, blp,etc).
  3. BestGamerEver

    FYI: Instances STILL disabled/bugged.

    Disconected be4 boss and now cannot enter anymore... Great again now..
  4. BestGamerEver

    PvP4 mob!

    First time i met this mob in pvp4...
  5. BestGamerEver

    Suggestion: Remove mob critical hit on laggy period !

    too short..............
  6. BestGamerEver

    Question: Space Mobs

    Hello, Been a while since my last space adventures and decided to grab a quad, gun, thruster and go hunting some space mobs... Looks like it is nearly impossible to even aim one, how can you lock target on space mobs? or how can you hunt them? Step by step - noob instructions please! Thank you.
  7. BestGamerEver

    Neconu DNA sample

    Hello, I recently looted a Neconu Jaw and also might have rest of parts in storage to build the Neconu DNA sample. How much would it worth these days? Thank you for any input.
  8. BestGamerEver

    Uber: Lovely FOMA run :)

    This... ...and this... ...made me a lovely late-night run :)
  9. BestGamerEver

    Question: Do you like NEW CHAT SYSTEM ?

    Simple question, simple answer.. I vote NOOOoooOOoOooOoooOO !!!! Planning to link results to my suport case so vote away people!
  10. BestGamerEver

    Question: Your average mining return is?

    What is your average (TT) return from mining these days? I for one mine lootable pvp areas for years and never been this bad, MA anounced a mining system change while ago and many were saying its boring cause no more hofs bla bla bla, they do not anounce other change yet now we have s#1t claim...
  11. BestGamerEver

    Lacerating Attack Nanochip X

    just wonder what would be its estimative value, feel free to discuss :)
  12. BestGamerEver

    Uber: Lacerating Attack Nanochip X

    :yay: Price check here: Any input much apreciated there :)
  13. BestGamerEver

    Question: GTX 650 OC 1GB DDR5 128-bit good?

    Just ordered new GFX card (GTX 650 OC 1GB DDR5 128-bit) does anyone allready using this? How good it is? Will i be able to play in high with decent FPS ? CPU: TripleCore AMD Phenom X3 8650, 2300 MHz (11.5 x 200) MOBO: ECS GF8100VM-M5 Memory: Kingmax 4GB DDR2 (800 Mhz) PSU: 650W (forgot brand )...
  14. BestGamerEver

    Question: Hybrid SLI under Win7

    Does anyone managed to make it run ? I enabled the feature from bios, have latest nvidia drivers yet everest sees Hybrid SLI as turned off.. Mobo : ECS GF8100VM-M5 GPU1: GeForce 9800GT GPU2: Geforge 8200 Cant realy tell if both working (or how they do) but i see both of them temperatures...
  15. BestGamerEver

    Space currently bugged

    Longest unsolved support case? Atm im dead in space and cannot revive, so i filled a support case in hope that my avatar will be moved manualy. While doing that i remember i have another support case open for like 6 months now :D, hope it wont take that much for them to move my avatar :D
  16. BestGamerEver

    Question: Why do we need to redownload EU over and over again.. ?

    Why do we need to redownload EU over and over again each time we reinstall OS? Me for example, i have EU installed on different partition than my OS is, yet i had to change OS 2 times this month (wont go into details why...) and now i`m downloading the game for 3rd time in one month... The game...
  17. BestGamerEver

    Selling: Taking offers on full PHANTOM set (F)

    As title says i`m takin offers for this armour set. 5 parts T 1.x and 2 parts at 0.x...more details about tiers and tier rates in PM if you are interested. Only decent offers will be taken in to consideration. Also i reserve the right to cancel the sale by any reasons. --Wayting for your offers!--
  18. BestGamerEver

    Help: Stuck in space...

    As title says i`m stuck on some neutral space station and not able to tp anywhere...can someone help wit this issue or i just have to wayt till MA move my ava after supporting...?
  19. BestGamerEver

    Uber: Silent Uber.

    Been a while since my last post on this cattegory :)
  20. BestGamerEver

    Question: My Turn ...bug exploit or not??

    Shooting with TANGO then entering vehicle then exit and you can shoot again w/o wayting 20 sec. That in lootable pvp i`m shure its a nice to exploit like someone who i wont name here but i will name on my support case does.
  21. BestGamerEver

    Question: How are we suposed to extract claims? :)

    How are we suposed to extract claims with this new mining bug ? Finder seem to work slow but at right depth but with extractors it`s another story :D I cant even use TT extractor at full capacitty/speed...and i didnt had problems using my 105 one for months now :D IMO mining its quite big time...
  22. BestGamerEver

    Someone just phone call MA :D

    Someone just phone call MA to restart that scrappy update server that gone wild :argue:
  23. BestGamerEver

    Buying: Phantom set F.

    PM or post offers. :girl:
  24. BestGamerEver

    Selling: Ath #36 :)))

    :locked: -CLOSED- :locked: As title says i`m thinkin to sell all my ATH in one single bulk trade so the sky and the market wont fall and i get my peds faster to buy new toys. :yay: Post or PM offers %%%% :) Auction time left: minimum - days. SB = 106.50% Current Bid = 107% BO = Not Set...
  25. BestGamerEver

    Full PHANTOM F tier 0

    I`m considering to change few things in my hunting setup and i might want to buy a Phantom set. I`m curious how much a non tiered set F would go for. Pls inform me :)