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  1. pechunter

    Uber: Another 3k über

    ( )
  2. pechunter

    Uber: 3.3k Formicacaida (12820 ped eventwin)

    9days of camping and 124 globals later it finally happend. Video of HOF: ( )
  3. pechunter

    Buying: IMP EP-21 Defender

    Paying according to recent MU
  4. pechunter

    Suggestion: Critical Heals

    If not on all healing tools atleast put it on the very underused and not to eco? mindforce chips. kkthx
  5. pechunter

    Buying: Mod LP-100 / Great argo claw

    As title says :-) preferably low tier kkthx.
  6. pechunter

    Selling: Augmented EWE EP-38 Night Special

    I love it but its to damn eco, i cant burn ammo fast enough. It`s currently T0.99. Looking to upgrade to mod-lp 100 or lp-70 FEN. 15k SB 18k BO SOLD Thread can be closed.
  7. pechunter

    Suggestion: Skillbonus event

    We have had lag and rubberband issues before, especially when cryengine 2 came. That time we where compensated with a skillbonus event that significantly boosted the chances of getting a skillboost. I think its that time again.
  8. pechunter

    HoF: 1500 ped Dotty

    This 1 just fell short a few peds from making it on my top20 all time loots. A formal apology to Ivi who fed them all morning, sorry m8 :-/
  9. pechunter

    Event Ring Rentals

    RINGS: 250ped / per (12 hrs). 300ped / per 5hr session last minute booking. 400ped / full weekend (friday evening - monday morning CET). 2000ped / entire 14 days/rest of duration. Some kind of valid collateral + good reputation required. Other times and prices can be negotiated.
  10. pechunter

    Suggestion: Expand the achievements

    I suggest maybe an achievement terminal where players can partake in the EU experience when they are low on funds without depositing. The achievements could be rewarded with titles or BoA items. For example an achievement where you visit every planet or collecting all existing teleporters and...
  11. pechunter

    Buying: Good handgun

    Looking to add to my weapon arsenal, Pew pew of interest is Mod merc, i2870, aug ep-38, Mod lp-100 et.c
  12. pechunter

    Selling: Mod Resto Chip

    This puppy needs no introduction, its a bit overpowered for my mid lv hunting. I do love it and dont mind keeping it. Items of interest (NO RINGS) imk3, LP-70FEN, MM (Normal SGA Ancient), LP-100 Mod, Imp fap, Imp resto, AUG bc-80, IMP 2870. SOLD
  13. pechunter

    Buying: Yuka parts

    Im looking for some Yuka parts, mostly longbones and skullplates kkthx.
  14. pechunter

    Event Rentals Pro rings, Mod resto.

    Mod Resto: 500ped / per day (24 hrs). RINGS: 250ped / per day (24 hrs). 300ped / per 5hr session last minute booking. 400ped / full weekend (friday evening - monday morning CET). 2000ped / entire 14 days/rest of duration. Some kind of...
  15. pechunter

    Uber: 500x Levi

  16. pechunter

    Selling: Pink Bunny

    LV 4 with a real bad attitude, taking any offers/items in consideration mayby a full TT quad!? Best offer
  17. pechunter

    Buying: Adj Resto

    PM me if u haz one kkthx
  18. pechunter

    Question: Latest ME drop of any value?

    What and when is the latest confirmed mentor edition item that wasent a pair of Hunter gloves or worse?, is it worth bothering anymore? :scratch2:
  19. pechunter

    Selling: Corrosive attack nano Chip 8

    Great skill giver unlocked Mindforce harmony in no time Tier 7.64 TT+ SOLD
  20. pechunter

    HoF: 4 digit Kazrak
  21. pechunter

    Weekend Rentals (Claw Rings Amp)

    Since i cant play weekends i`ll make my gear available to the weekend warriors and perhaps recuperate some losses. This targets the more advanced hunter already in possess of some decent gear that they can collateral for some sweet melee/hp skilling. The rental time is friday 17.00 to sunday...
  22. pechunter

    Scientist/Scavaging unlokk

  23. pechunter

    Selling: Trauma 2 FEN Edition Melee Amp

    Instant BO @ +2.8k Could take imp a-105 as partial payment
  24. pechunter

    Selling: Genesis Power Claw Mk.6 FEN Edition

    SOLD thread can be closed
  25. pechunter

    Ring Rental

    250ped / per 5hr session last minute ingame PM booking. 300ped / per day (24 hrs). 450ped / full weekend (friday evening - monday morning CET). Some kind of valid collateral + good reputation required.