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    Devs a surgical face mask suggestion

    Devs Seeming that the whole world is in the depths of COVID, why not put surgical face masks in game as well? Options of different colours and custom colour/texture options? Cheers Bjorn
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    Question: Tezlapod skin

    Does Tezlapod still drop its skin/hide. I havent seen any on auction in years. Cheers Bjorn
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    Bring back our stars

    Once upon a time, veteran players who had contributed to the forum collected stars. Then 'star gate' happened and they were removed due to some infighting. My suggestion would be that if you collect enough rep to gain a star, it becomes a permanent mark on your profile, unless removed by a...
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    Webshop orders?

    Hey I ordered some items from the 75% off sale on March 31. My creditcard was debited by MindArk without issue. The goods still haven't arrived in Australia. Anyone else having this issue? Bjorn
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    Question for MY|Mindark

    Hi My I hope you are settling in well. I have a question dating back to 2014 where the following was stated; Developer Notes #10 - Galactic Transport In the upcoming Entropia Universe Version Update 15.1 (currently...
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    Taming Karmoosh Aleef?

    Hi all So in the update for Toulan, New Taming Content (edited for this post) . Introducing Toulan's new tameable creature "Karmoosh Aleef" . Toulan Master Tamer NPC Kenda, have been moved from Nahar City to Stable and now has 2 Missions. I can't find this NPC Kenda anywhere. Mission ...
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    Calypso Land Plots

    Hi Calypso Devs Just a simple question. Many of use bought Land Plots on Calypso with the promise of various housing upgrades and a farming system which would be integrated into the economy. So far we have only seen Snugs being able to be built...where are the other buildings all these years...
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    Buying: Christmas Ring 2019

    Hi Looking to buy a Christmas Ring 2019 - PEDs and AUD Sorted now, thread closed. Cheers Bjorn
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    Buying: Christmas Ring 2018

    Hi Looking to buy a Christmas Ring 2018. Purchased - deal done, Cheers Bjorn
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    Don't list your Tier Skill Upgrader Implant on Auction

    Just a heads up Even though MindArk stated that they were buying Tier Upgrader Skill Implants on Auction every week, for two weeks straight they have not been doing this. MindArk official - can you advise formally when this will resume? Regards Bjorn
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    Tier upgrader skill implant MindArk purchases

    I have had to relist my Tier upgrader skill implant 19994.7% for the second week running. When does the MA official buy them, supposed to be at 20000%? Cheers Bjorn
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    Question: Arkadian UL armour

    Mods As this is the general forum for MindArk as well as Calypso I have a question. Dear MindArk team When will the UL Arkadian Armour parts start dropping again? Dune Rider Sand Stormer Dark Knight of Arkadia They haven't dropped in a few years with the adjustment to the Golden Door. I...
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    Buying: Navi Hide

    Hi I have an order for Navi hide on the auction. I will pay 110% for stakes of 300. Cheers Bjorn
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    Open letter to CEO

    Dear Henrik Nel CEO, MindArk PE AB It was the 25th September 2018 when we last heard from you. 2019 has been an interesting year with a few tweaks to the system etc, but mostly the usual Mayhem events and a few new items. I guess I write an open letter to ask about those legacy items, things...
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    Question: Put castles on the auction

    Hi Caly Dev team The following castles are still MA owned. They should be released to the auction house as they lay dormant. Grauschloss Castle - MindArk owned, Pos: 65873, 70031 Gustavborg Castle - MindArk owned, Pos: 58385, 84069 Wulfstone Castle - MindArk owned, Pos: 78317, 95546 Many...
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    Stuffed up auction

    Hi Dear Star Alex Grey, For the first time I stuffed up a sale and sold you 60 AUDs in your order for 70PED. :mad: I appeal to your good nature and gamesmanship that we might sort this 4200Ped issue out. I still needed to liquidate PED and got it correct the second time so essentially you...
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    FYI: Looking for a Captain

    Hi I'm looking for a well respected Captain (Respected Soc, good references, known in PCF) to run my Starfinder XXI. It boasts 62K SI which sits along side some of the big motherships. I found offering a warp service to be a time waster as I was never online to offer it effectively. There is...
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    Easter Mayhem Bertha?

    Hey Bertha Bot You Published on 04-16-2019 00:32 the Easter Mayhem front page to the Forum. It's about to turn 1st September...maybe an updated front page would be appropriate?....just saying
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    I think robot wars in EU are the least of our concerns

    This is scary stuff!
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    Question: Click to move, please restore

    Hi Devs I am sure it will be in the pipeline, but the feature to click in the distance, see a green arrow which your avatar heads towards made gameplay quite relaxing using the mouse. This is just one of the features which made hunting enjoyable Also, auto click appears to be disabled...
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    Controls help

    Hi I logged in after a few months and I was aware the new update had changed the controls. Most seem straight forward but can't find a few things I used to use. 1. How do I set my mouse wheel to scroll from 1st to 3rd person view of avatar? 2. How do I do the click in the distance and a green...
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    FYI: It's time to fix Polished Chrome Texture

    Dear Devs Polished Chrome Texture has been broken for years. It lost its shine and splendor and now is a dull equivalent. Many support cases have been directed to the appropriate departments to no avail. I see the new CEO is very active in fixing things so please look at this texture, Much...
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    Which weapon

    Hi all Been barely in game for the last 12 months, just checking auction and that’s about it... waiting on MA to develop the game essentially. Been hugging my DOA Slugstorm for years, but seems many other awesome BLP weapons out there and I have lost track of what is what. Too many options...
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    When your gaming PC is in critical condition

    I’m sure many have been there... turn it on for a few hours of grinding and that Windows blue screen of death appears, circling and circling the little dots go. PC repair guys face shows concern, it may be the end of the hard drive... Thank fuck I did a back up if needed. Anyway it may be a new...
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    Buying: Unique Gothic Angel Statue

    Hi If you loot one of these I have 2000PED to buy it from you. Cheers Bjorn