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  1. Cleetus

    Selling: S> Modified EK-2350 Tier 0.9

  2. Cleetus

    1727PED Dasp

    Got this little beauty earlier. Cleetus:cool:
  3. Cleetus

    Info: Cleetus' Hunting/DPS Service

    Whether you need extra DPS to take down larger mobs, or you want to try something you can't hunt with your setup; this service is for you! Current eco setup: ArMatrix LR-40, FEN Edition, Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk. 2, Omegaton Laser Sight Mk. 1, Easter Ring 2018, Omegaton Fast Aid Pack...
  4. Cleetus

    Uber: Party like it's 1969!

    End of the night last night; was a great day overall already, then this guy wanted to party :cool:
  5. Cleetus

    Uber: Vast Melchi 1981PED

    Got this little beauty earlier on FOMA. Was my last Level 5 on a rough run; turned out alright :cool:
  6. Cleetus

    Selling: Earth Excavator ME/01

    Selling Earth Excavator ME/01; make offer here or send PM. Cleetus :cool:
  7. Cleetus

    Selling: Pristine Khada Crysal Shard

    Taking offers, pm or post
  8. Cleetus

    Cleetus' Mining Log Version 2.0

    Hello everyone, I've decided to start tracking my returns in a new mining log. Lately my play has been all over the place and I think I need to refocus my efforts. Tracking TT return only. Equipment: TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush Enhancers: Depth I, II, III, IV Amp: Level 5...
  9. Cleetus

    20+ Days with no response to support case

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced a long wait for a response to a support case. I have done two follow up replies within the case and still no reply. Soon I will say my farewells. Cleetus
  10. Cleetus

    Selling: Full Gremlin M

    Have set for sale, best price on the market; come quick +200 Cleetus
  11. Cleetus

    Buying: Hermetic Ring Modified

    As title says, I'm buying 1 of these. PM or check auction order. Cleetus
  12. Cleetus

    Selling: FOMA Shop #42

    Hello, As the title states, I'm listing my shop for sale. It's been a gem for PED, but I don't have time for it anymore with RL work. If you want to hunker down and make some good PED, this is a great purchase. FOMA has the highest turnover for mining in Entropia and it's very easy to access...
  13. Cleetus

    Selling: Black Master Coat (Tiarak Texture w/ Cbase Plastic)

    Hello, as title states, I have this item for sale. Still bares my sweat stains as I wear it, but I need PED so let's hear some offers ;)
  14. Cleetus

    Selling: Full Angel M UL (No Feet)

    Hello, as title states, selling full Angel M UL without foot guards. SB: N/A BO: N/A Current Offer: N/A Current Tiers: Gloves 1.3 Shins 1.7 Helm 2.4 Arms 2.3 Harness 2.2 Thigh 1.5 Remaining Tier Rates: Gloves: 102, 48, 100, 106, 61, 111, 109, 106, 101, 89 Shin Guards: 104, 68, 101, 52, 95...
  15. Cleetus

    Selling: Isis LR59 UL

    Hello, as the title says, this gun is for sale. Currently Tier 2.9 Remaining tier rates - 85, 127, 91, 129, 113, 127, 82 TT: 7326.06 SB: +20k BO: N/A Gun will be sold 48hrs after SB is met with an additional 1hr added for each additional bid. Scored my largest HOF with this gun and a lot...
  16. Cleetus

    Buying: Buyng Racer Shades M

    PM me here or in game @Gordan Cleetus Freeman
  17. Cleetus

    Buying: Buying Set of Mark.6a Plates

    Paying TT+60
  18. Cleetus

    Buying: Buyng Black Master Coat (M)

    As title states; looking to buy a Master Coat (M) Coloured Black PM or post
  19. Cleetus

    Selling: TP Chip III UL

    Selling TP Chip III Current Offer: +600 SB: +750 BO: +1.1k Auction will end 24hrs after SB is met. Goodluck -Cleetus
  20. Cleetus

    Info: New channel for FOMA: #Asteroid

    Made a new channel for Asteroid FOMA. Connect with players/traders on Asteroid FOMA by typing /join #Asteroid in chat. -Cleetus
  21. Cleetus

    FOMA Shop #42 Open

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up my shop is up and running again. Not fully stocked quite yet but getting there. If you have any special requests of something you would like in stock, just shoot me a PM here or in-game @Gordan Cleetus Freeman. Prices always adjusted below auction...
  22. Cleetus

    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 UL AUCTION SB +27k

    GUN HAS SOLD +27k to Teiwaz Tiers in picture below Come get this BLP Pistol Commando grinder :wtg: Before this: and I increase price back to my previous SB
  23. Cleetus

    Uber: Emik Enigma L4

    Looted this puppy off Evicerator earlier today. It's been a rough year but this definitely helped. I've been liquidating everything I have to continue playing lately; not only my items, but my wife's armour/plates/fap etc. since she doesn't play aside from the odd time with me. I was...
  24. Cleetus

    Selling: Emik Enigma L4

    Selling Emik Enigma L4. Tiers in picture below :wtg: PED/CLD/AUD Accepted PM or Post offers Add in game @ Gordan Cleetus Freeman
  25. Cleetus

    Selling: Some Storage Stuff

    Have these items I'm looking to get rid of, PM or post offer on what you're interested in. Adjusted Pixie Arm Guards (F) 1 3.09 PED CARRIED Adjusted Pixie Foot Guards (F) 1 2.97 PED CARRIED Adjusted Pixie Gloves (F) 1 3.06 PED CARRIED Adjusted Pixie Harness (F) 1 4.01...