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  1. Larry

    Red Ped: The Showdown

    THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED Please see News section below
  2. Larry

    Space Pirates: Shard Stealers (Streamer Exclusive)

    THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED Please see News section below
  3. Larry

    Red Ped: The Chosen One

  4. Larry

    Selling: Level 36 Eudoracell Pet (Pink Rabbit)

    Selling Level 36 Eudoracell Pet (Pink Rabbit). All buffs unlocked: Increased Pet Focus Generation by 20% Increased Run Speed by 14% Increased Run Speed by 18% Taking offers via PM.
  5. Larry

    Selling: TI City Platinum Building Apartment

    Apartment Sold
  6. Larry

    Buying: Kobold Armor Parts & Sets

    All wanted parts purchased.
  7. Larry

    New Players joining the Forum

    Hi! I have a new player in my Society (been playing a couple of months) who's trying to register for a pcf account. They say they applied over a week ago but haven't heard anything back yet. How long does it normally take for someone to become registered with pcf? Cheers!
  8. Larry

    Hi! I've been checking out the excellent work that people like CZ Jane CZ have been doing to try and map out Calypso (truly excellent work guys), and I did find the maps incredibly useful. The only problem seemed to be the fixed format of the map - there's just too much information to squeeze...
  9. Larry

    Selling: Calypso Land Deed (X)

    =========== SOLD =========== Selling a block of Calypso Land Deed (X) for 2120 ped each. Will sell for 2110 each if you buy 10+ and 2100 each if you buy all (26 deeds). PM me here or in-game if interested. Cheers! =========== SOLD ===========
  10. Larry

    MA Sponsored YouTube Tutorial for 2020

    I've only just come across this, but it actually looks pretty good. I like your direction on marketing MA. Keep it up. :cool:
  11. Larry

    Red Ped Foundation

    Due to the size and scope of the project, all resources and effort for this initiative are now being applied to The associated forum post can be viewed by Clicking Here.
  12. Larry

    Is it time for another AMA session?

    It's been quite a while now since out last AMA session, and as there seems to be quite a few deep and interesting questions floating around pcf I was just wondering if it's time to book in a new AMA. What do you guys think? P.S. Wooops, sorry for the typo on the third option! Lol. :laugh:
  13. Larry

    Arkadia Moon Deeds and the Share Trading Mechanism

    Well, I just thought I'd throw this out there......... I know MA have been struggling to shift Ark moon deeds for some time now, and even after the Sophie robot promo there still seems to be a stack left that obviously aren't selling. I'm just wondering if MA/Ark moon deed holders would...
  14. Larry

    Selling: Twin Peaks Mall Penthouse Apartment

    ----- sold -----
  15. Larry

    Red Ped Redemption

  16. Larry

    Red Ped Redemption

    Avatar Shards Tokens Gold Tokens Ped Adjusted DrPaddo Getast 3 0 0 0 Affe Aframo Mr Afroman 3 0 0 0 Alaina Bonnie Knight 2 0 0 0 Aleksiane Mrs-Zap Greadon 93 0 0 0 Annabella Sweet Calzone 63 0 0 0 Askellard Aske Hallard 9 4 0 0 Avalon Butterfly Erupter 31...
  17. Larry

    Red ped redemption

    Please close this thread
  18. Larry

    Red Ped Bank

    The Red Ped Corporation ( is pleased to announce the launch of the Red Ped Bank! Mission Statement: In an effort to deploy the surplus ped made by our other trading activities, we created a discount trading and lending service that we call the Red Ped Bank. The aim of...
  19. Larry

    Selling: Own a piece of the Red Ped Corporation!

    We were disappointed that MA didn't allow Land Area owners to list their assets in the new system. From our perspective, this is a wasted opportunity to open up 'grass roots' ownership in the Land Areas people love. Given this shortcoming, we have decided to re-open the RPC Investment Fund so...
  20. Larry

    Red Ped Treasure Hunt - 10,000 Ped Top Prize!

    Event closed
  21. Larry

    Selling: Atrox Land Area

    Selling Atrox Land Area (LA#02) This Land Area Features: 4 x Atrox DNA (worth 10k-15k each) Free unlimited Global Chat TP just 1 jump away Regular exposure through third-party streamers ( Regular traffic and revenue Shed deed included...
  22. Larry

    Suggestion: Removing Annual Fee for Land Area Global Chat

    I would like to see the Annual Fee for Land Area Global Chat removed and instead go back to the one-time purchase Land Area upgrade. Global Chat is an essential feature of a Land Area if you want to run any kind of meaningful event system, as it's the only real way to track hunter/miner...
  23. Larry

    Team Missions

    Hi, I love team hunting. It brings together one of the core activities in EU (hunting) with what in my opinion is the best and greatest reason why we play EU (the community). Given how amazing these things are together, why are there no team missions? Don't get me wrong, the current mission...
  24. Larry

    Buying: Looking to buy DNA

    Hi! I'm looking to buy the complete DNA of any of the below: Ambulimax Proteron If you have any of these and you wish to sell, please get in touch. Cheers!
  25. Larry

    Red Ped Corporation

    Latest News 31st August 2020 LA#40 Sold - Red Ped Corporation is closing down Well, it's been a hell of a ride - but now our Flag Ship Land Area has been sold I believe it's time to close down our operations. Good luck to the new Land Owner, I wish you well with your new venture. Cheers...