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    Stackable Blueprints From The Technician

    So I was wondering about all these UL 100 QR Blueprints that were put on the Auction House pretty soon after the V.U. I haven't seen that many low level blueprints available from the technician being sold at 100QR. So I tried to buy a Blueprint from the Technician.. I selected 100, and boom...
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    Armor Plates

    A while back I posted a thread relating to the advertisement of the new AP- Armor plates on the loader screen. This was removed, without reason or notification being given... I understand we operate mainly in controlled states, but it still would have been nice to receive a notification as to...
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    Items not being delivered but still taking the PED

    I have tried 3 times now to get some Nawa drops delivered at the extortionate rate of 5.74 PED (the immiediate delivery is f****in 18.00 PED!). I thought I was going nuts, because I kept forgetting to order them. But they just don't turn up.. The PED leaves your account as soon as you make the...
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    Star Alex Greatest Trader Grey Trade

    High prices. Land deeds, Dante, AUD's, Opals.. Seems like the price is a bit controlled to me.