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  1. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: SOLD! Omegaton Ranger Scope & Sight Mk. 1 + Halloween 2018

    "Entropiawiki" Dose count the crits for DPP, try adding 5% and 100% larger crit size; they both up the dpp in entropia wiki wepon page.
  2. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Melee Trauma Amplifier 6, Improved(available 10/4)

    Hi, I see your interested in Viceroy Mod components, and others; what all are you looking for? I have most needed for Adj, imp, and Mod.
  3. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: 10.000 Rare Pleak Wings that can be traded for 1 Stamina

    Dose Stamina up your run speed also? and how much hp would 1 stamina add?
  4. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: 2020 Summer Ring

    MissType I belive Life Steal 8% Increase Crit Dmg "20%" -not 205- Increase Crit Chance 3.0%
  5. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Gorgon Shade Spawn

    Yes, prices will drop as time goes on, I hope tax's drop to meat the new values; as I can not pay much with no job during This Global pandemic pandemic "Covid-19" The impact is nice but bad Eco in it's durability for the Perfected-set, so one day I hope it might drop to under 10k for all mats...
  6. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Taking offers in the new summer 2020 ring

    No; Messi's looking for 2020 Easter ring in trade for his "17 x-miss ring with auto loot
  7. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: T6 Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope

    You and the other "Mayhem Scintillator-"s gun owners should make a bug report to MindArk asking for faster Reload to make it near or the same as an ArMatix weapon of the same Sib levels; Really only dps is lacking in this epic weapon chain, and now with you needing to kill so many mobs to get...
  8. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Mayhem Scintillator Azure

    A BO of 12k and starting bid near 7k might get things going, With Codex you can skill any weapon type with this epic gun; that once you place attachments bumps to 70.5% Efficiency higher with the tiers unlocked, and with Enhancers giving you shrapnel on brakes it's now more worth it to use...
  9. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling crhistmas rings 2018 and 2019

    Are you only selling ring combo, or perfected fap; and keep the other you don't sell? And are you willing to sell a ring by it's self?
  10. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Rare Eco and Efficient Wepons 4 Sell

    Nope, Extenders bump up a weapons Efficiency as much as putting on an Amp. most amps cost 150% mu so still a savings with Efficiency effecting your Loot.
  11. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Buying Castorian Combat EnBlade-13, Mentor Edition

    Hi I have a Castorian Combat EnBlade-10 SGA the only one in-game, want to buy it?
  12. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Buying [Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant]

    Bump, I'm Still Looking.
  13. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Hero Estate on Ancient Greece :yup:

    Can you upload some picks of the location Plz
  14. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Ready To Make Your Stand? Selling Epic PvP Items!

    Can you add wiki links or list the level's needed to max each still for sell?
  15. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Restoration Chip, Improved]

    Can you link me it in-game plz
  16. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling Perfected Hedoc

    Thanks for the info, I'm still intrested in owning PM me Plz about how much ped you want on top.
  17. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling Perfected Hedoc

    Bump, for a fast fap
  18. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling Perfected Hedoc

    Dose anyone know the Heal/PEC?
  19. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: ✨✨100QR Advanced Animal Brush UNL BP!✨✨

    Is the Brush/tool it makes UL or Blueprint?
  20. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Xmas ring 2016, improved 5B and other

    What price on the Xmas ring 2016 if it ends up for sell again?
  21. Pirate-King Jay

    Question: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40 Perfected

    with such high Efficiency and Damage per pec weapons it's more Eco to have a few damage enhancers instead of the best amp, It will be higher in both %'n DPP To maximze profits, Swanting low dps High HP mobs is the way to go. Lose your pixie and use a High Durability "L" set that protecs just...
  22. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Angel Harness, Improved (M)

    SB seems more like a BO, a lower starting bid may get your Auction under-way friend, good luck on the sell.
  23. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Summer Ring!] Lets you Get FREE xp SKILL's

  24. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Summer Ring!] Lets you Get FREE xp SKILL's

    I wasn't asking more then MU when you wrote that.
  25. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Summer Ring!] Lets you Get FREE xp SKILL's