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  1. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Summer Ring!] Lets you Get FREE xp SKILL's

    [Summer Ring!] 2016" Lets you Get the Most FREE xp SKILL's SOLD in an item Trade Thread can be Closed/Locked 25K Effect 1 Effect type: Faster Reload Strength: 8% Effect 2 Effect type: Increased Regen Strength: 40% Effect 3 Effect type: Focused Blow Strength: 2%...
  2. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: OP F Armor part [RX OpTac x2 Gloves (F)] BO 813-ped

    [RX OpTac x2 Gloves (F)] for sell I'm selling This Over-Powered armor gloves, Only 813ped Price, leave me your offers. 52 HP Penetration 52 HP Burn 30 HP Shrapnel 38 HP Impact 15 HP Cut 53 HP Close 134 HP Firearms 187 HP Total Economy/ Durability: 5,100
  3. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling Crafting Materials supplies, Animal Muscle Oil, Sunjoq Hide 55 ped-tt, Basic_Leather_Extractor 55 ped-tt.

    [Animal Muscle Oil] BO 104%| Min 102.40% (277.65 tt, Any amount 5ped and/or over.)SOLD_OUT -------------------------------------------------- Boards [Short Stinktree Board] BO 200%| Min 180% (20.79)tt [Short Bigwig Board] BO 128%| Min 117% (11.40)tt...
  4. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Rare Eco and Efficient Wepons 4 Sell

    67.9% Efficiency Even Higher with a Melee Amp 10 FEN edition. [Castorian Combat EnBlade-10, SGA Edition] This is Amped with VI and a 20% extender. Ready for tier 2; "One of a kind," (the only one in the game.) Great fireplace item! Recommended use with a [Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)] 8% life...
  5. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Melee Trauma Amplifier X FEN Edition]

    For sell [Melee Trauma Amplifier X FEN Edition] Item was sold.
  6. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition

    Wish to buy Corrosive Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition Message me in-game and here; if in game leave a link to your aviator; it bugs and don't always say who left the message.
  7. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Kinetic Attack Nanochip XV FEN Edition

    Wish to buy Kinetic Attack Nanochip XV FEN Edition Message me in-game and here; if in game leave a link to your aviator; it bugs and don't always say who left the message.
  8. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: [Ancient Omegaton A104] Highest Efficiency Rating of any UL Amp Plz no cyber bullying and try to give me the benefit of the doubt, I do not meen to be rude or come off that way. I'm one of the nice's friends you can make in-game. Meany misunderstandings have taken place and...
  9. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Most Eco/DPP Item In-game; Thougth to be the only one Ingame.

    Selling a [Ancient Omegaton A104] Might be the only; Time will Only tail. Said to be Extremely Rare; Not more then one has been seen at the same time in years, not cents 2005; Now 2018 13 years later in a MMO no less. Leading me the owner to believe This one is the last in-game / the Only known...
  10. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Most Eco Item For-Sell, and It's the Only 1 In-Game.

    Weapon Attachment:Type Efficiency: 85.80% The cap for Weapon Attachment's to be 100% is around 6 to 7 DPP Where Weppon's cap is only around 4 DPP Ancient Omegaton A104 This being the only one in all of the game. It's a much harsher grading scale then weapons Having a Higher Number for the Cap...
  11. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling First 'n Only UL mind Amp [NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier I]

    [NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier I] Buy A Part of History, Own the First 'n currently Only TT limit 3% ammo 42, Damage 2.0 Exceptianal means it is around 0 to 0.09 pec per use, or 0.0000 to 0.0009 Ped per use, Very nice :D current offer tt +800 Ped Untail bidder replys back SB will be (tt +...
  12. Pirate-King Jay

    Selling: Selling or Trading[MMOWC X1 Harness (M)] forThigh /or Shin

    This can be Closed, traded the Harness. I'm still in the market for Thigh and Shin of MMOWC X1 "M" though.
  13. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: I'm Buying MMOWC (M) Thigh and Shin, Plz sell :)

    Hello there; I'm looking to give some nice Aviators 1,000 ped each for a part of MMOWC X1 (M) specifically The Thigh and/or Shin. Plz reply here if you are selling or know some one who might; I look foreword to trading with you Thank you. :cowboy: P.S. I have a Full tt MMOWC X1 (M)...
  14. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Buying [Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant]

    Hello, I'd like to own a Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Pm me here or talk on this page below. You can PM in game if you wish. Let me know the amount and when we can meat.
  15. Pirate-King Jay

    Buying: Buying Earth Shock Trooper Arm-Guards (L) (M)

    Hello I'm buying 1x E.S.T. Arm-Guards any TT amount as long as it's still equip-able. Plz PM me here or comment Below or PM me In-Game