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  1. Kri

    More Space discussion

    --Mod's note (JohnCapital)-- These posts started as an off topic debate in another thread, so in order to preserve the original thread topic, plus not lose this one, I've moved it into it's own thread. --/Mod's note (JohnCapital)-- Piracy is one of the professions now advertised by...
  2. Kri

    Warp Mines and Warp Gates

    In recent days pirates managed to interrupt two warps during Entropia Fleet Alliance's scheduled flights performed by Kronan and Bismarck. Turns out Warp Mines do work. As a followup investigation - Mind Ark did give hints in their initial post announcing space travel on how Warp works. A warp...
  3. Kri

    EFA's Monstar Monday Madness

    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) is an alliance of Space Craft and their Captains that share a vision of offering affordable space services to the Entropia Universe community and raising awareness of Space and Space related activities in Entropia Universe. In this vision it is my pleasure to...
  4. Kri

    Space bug... again (dead in space)

    Here we go again... Floating, hoping that I re-enter atmosphere ;)
  5. Kri

    Buying: Aniara Class Mothership

    Please PM with with offers.