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    Selling: Pets, armor, weapon & other

    Pets: 14lvl [WolperTinger Pet] (pet & taming 10% buff unlock) BO 200 ped NEW 13 lvl [L.A.R.A] BO 120 ped Mining pet 10 lvl [Yog Hatchling Pet] (excavation reload speed icr. 10% unlock) BO 150 ped. Epic pet [Corinthian Ruby Kanin Pet] lvl 7 (incr. pet focus gen. 10% (unlock), Incr. run speed...
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    Buying: Vigilante Arm Guards (M) & Hunter Harness, Mentor Edition (M)

    i'm looking Vigilante Arm Guards (M) and Hunter Harness, Mentor Edition (M). pm to me if u have.
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    Buying: Imperium Carbine Rank 1 or rank 3

    Let me know if you have for sale Imperium Carbine Rank 1 or rank 3
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    Selling: Eudoracell and Rabbiger pet lvl 1

    Selling my pet: Eudoracell and Rabbiger is sold but other pet are waiting for their owners Rabbiger pet lvl 1 Rarity - Legendary (lvl 6 - 15% Increase ganeration, lvl 22 - 14% acceleration) SOLD and other pets: Corinthian Canin (8% acceleration unlocked) lvl 17 - BO 170 ped Corinthian Ruby...