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    From zero to hero - 1 year contest.

    Sign Me up..... Click to enlarge So I think I am eligible for the under 25k catagory.... now to get a global that applies :D It's only 6 months I need to catch up :cool: As the screenshot shows My full Avatar name is Fnrath Amaranthine Lnuhof
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    Event Signup pic for "Zero to Hero"
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    eMINE PG unL Armor

    Less than you would lose by wearing it in PvP4 More than a majority of miners can afford to keep other than that I have no idea :flip: so when you loot the parts and put one together let us know what you sell it for :D
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    Uber: Armani ;)

    so I have to ask.... did that make 100 pairs of pants or just ...... you're trying to get bell bottoms back in style arn't you :laugh:
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    Well they did it: Regenerating Snables

    John I have a question. From reading your posts I noticed that there is apperently a new regen speed for the female snables. ~5 seconds as opposed to the old 20 seconds. Did you notice if the amount of health regained had changed? If only 1/4 of the HP is regenerated per 5 seconds, compared to...
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    Avatar-named places?

    hmmmm I smell bussiness headed this way..... selling votes for 20PED each :wtg:
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    Question: on the cost of being Male

    Thank you for all the help. Sorry I wasn't more specific in the OP, though I was thinking just of UL armors, and to some extent dropped (L). Crafted armor as I understand it is simply a flip of the switch to make either (M)ale or (F)emale. Any advice on the upper end armors? Do they still cost...
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    Question: on the cost of being Male

    When I looked into Entropia in the past I always noticed that (F)emale armors were selling for lower prices than (M)ale armors. Looking into the prices that I can find now the prices seem to be fluctuating highly at about 25%-80% for the same piece in the same slot for F compaired to M. I am...
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    Is the bubble about to blow?

    :yay: yes the EGG has finnally burst... so what was inside and whom is the yolk on anyway??? and is the DNA I mean the usless leftover shell for sale :D
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    Discovery: Montgomery Diabolic UL (TYVM Slither)

    {looks at the pic again} doh missed the amp on it, thank you for the fast response :silly2:
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    Discovery: Montgomery Diabolic UL (TYVM Slither)

    I'm missing something here.... From the screen shot above you have maxed the damage and hit for the weapon; however it's only showing a burn of 12/13 and 57/75 max damage.... Why are all of the stats not maxed out since you have apperently mastered this weapon? Is there something about weapons...