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    Monria Missions

    The NPCs don't work and it's impossible to acception missions, pls fix.
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    Selling: Explosive recycle 3 & 4

    26 clicks explosive recycle 4 & 7 clicks ep recycle 3
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    nanobot BPs

    hey, been doing ten thousands clicks of level VI & VII and yet never looted a single nanobot BP, did those get removed or are they planet specific* or indeed super rare? *if yes, what planet?
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    radar bug

    occassionally mobs have no red dot on the radar... pls fix that...
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    state of the universe

    in 2016 there was still state of the universe official statement. has been something like that for 2017, 2018, 2019?
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    Selling: BPs

    Name Quantity Value Container QR>1 UL BPs: QR5 Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint 1 0.05 QR50 Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint 1 0.50 QR15 Armor Durability Enhancer 1 Blueprint 1 0.15 QR39 Basic Bearings Blueprint 1 0.39 QR32 Basic Screws Blueprint 1 0.32 QR71 Basic Servo Blueprint 1 0.71...
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    component BP bug

    many caly/universal component BPs still show that they would belong into the rocktropia component BP books instead of "component vol. 1" & "vol. 2".. this bug is around for almost 3 years. Maybe fix it at some point?
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    Suggestion: reduce the order fee

    this 1 PED per day fee is far too high. The way it currently is using order is only okay to use when buying materials in high quantities/TT and/or are delivered very quickly. If trying to get rather small quantities/TT of something that may take a few days to gather, then the order system is...
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    Buying: materials

    firn board x12 @300%
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    Question: Morpheus Ingot/Stone

    do those still drop or did they get removed from loot pool and those sales are storage leftover sales?
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    Suggestion: Crafting 3.0

    since so many hunting issues have been addressed, it's time crafting issues get adressed as well. Non-SIB BPs: the long term tt-return on those appears to be 90%, change it to be 95% TT-return, just like SIB ones are. rework the entire crafting chances to make it less volatile and less...
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    space dc

    every time i try to fly from caly to rt, i get dc halfway and end up on monria... this is going on for quite some time, please finally fix it...
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    f-list & private chat broken

    Friend list doesn't work properly: time offline, location etc. is just blank. private chat doesn't work properly either: tried to send pm to a friend, just got error.
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    Suggestion: loot 2.0 was a mistake, make loot 3.0 or undo loot 2.0

    Loot 2.0 is heavily biased towards old players & big depoers while being a punch in the face for new players and small depoers. Having efficiency impact the tt-return and loot composition being impacted by DPP was a bad idea. At first i've been thinking it was a good idea as well, however it...
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    Suggestion: option to uninstall only data of specific planets

    hey, could you please add an option to un-install planet data via client loader? When deleting the files in the folder the client loader appears to re-download them automatically, even it's being turned off in client loader...
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    screenshot & construction summary

    atm it's not possible to take screenshot while construction summary is open...
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    Buying: Empty Skill Implant

    21.02 TT one atm, pm me. Gonna need even more and bigger ones later on.
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    broken stuff (collection thread)

    Hey, with the new VU: - the auction NPCs on RT no longer work - the teleport NPCs on RT/HTT no longer work, people are stuck in HTT.
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    (rare event) Low success value

    All crafting was done on full condition, the red marked one is way lower than the usual successes are and even less than the big near successes are. Also sometimes, when crafting on full quantity, it happens that the success value is lower than the click-costs of that crafts (<100% return...
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    Q2: volatility

    currently on crafting and mining so it may take 6+ months to actually see the target return and there may be 1+k craft runs with sub 90% return (as low as 79% return for SIB BPs). Also currently there may be periods of 2-3 weeks of bad returns and then up to 20 globals/hofs on a single day...
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    UL gear & volatility

    Q1: UL gear are there currently plans to make UL gear far more rare or to make them stop droping entirely and remove old UL gear (by merging 3 UL items into a better f.e.) to make the economy grow?
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    Buying: 500 units erdorium ingot

    Hey, has to be ~500 units stack, because need it on other planet. pm here or ingame if you have it.
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    Suggestion: Make MS parts decay

    Hey, do armament devices, sub warp drives and energy source decay yet? If not, then MA should add decay to those items. To keep space traveling at the same costs they could make the following changes: - sub warp drive / energy source decay added, oil consumption reduced (they consume oil...
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    Selling: combobulator BP

    current bid is 4.5k, ends sunday 20 MA time. Send pm here or ingame
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    Question: BP looting

    I'm wondering, have they changed BP looting from -3 to +3 of the BP crafted to -2 to +3? lately (last 10-15k clicks or maybe more), when doing my level VII haven't looted a single level IV BP and not a single level II BP when doing my level V BP clicks :confused: