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    Selling: Tier 8 Zorra's HK + more

    Hi, * Range Weapons: [Zorra's HK] tier 8 tt+14k * Melee Weapons : S.I. Psy-Sword S.I. Psy-Sword S.I. Psy-Sword S.I. Psy-Sword S.I. Psy-Sword S.I. Psy-Blade *items of interest PED's or CLD's. *all items listed can be rented as long as you can provide collateral. Any offtopic...
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    Selling: Summer Ring 2020

    Looking to sell this amazing ring: Summer Ring 2020
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk 1, Summer Ring 2020

    Hello everyone im currently taking offers for the Awesome items below: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk 1: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk 1 t8.19 + Fi/Ra/Co/Dante tier rate 79/200 Summer Ring 2020: Plz Post you Offers here, Or message me In game Jr Gabriel Samford
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    New To the game

    Hello, My name is ColdDagger, I have just Entered this vast universe Looking to make a few friends. Currently i'm in the new player area doing a few missions and killing some puny's while exploring a little bit. If there is a Soc that is willing to take me under there wing and teach me about...