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    Thank you Zeus!

    I want to thank you Zeus! Thank you for making some content, thank you for making it fun for us :) I really love to see so many people coming together to kill those shared mobs. It shows that we are all united :) it don't matter if we all have a different society :) We are strong together! :)...
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    Buying: Buying Angel Set (M)

    Buying Angel set (M) Paying in cash!
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    Selling: Selling Augmented EWE EP-38 Night Special

    Selling Augmented EWE EP-38 Night Special Just looted from longtooth Dominant 11/07/2018 Info : Offer me here or ingame. Greets
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    Help: Account Locked

    Hello guys, My name is xXx MrUnderCover xXx Today I woke up like usually starting my computer up, playing Entropia without any problems. (My partents are divorced btw) After playing this morning etc I went to my mothers place that was like about 3hours later after logging off from Entropia I...