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  1. Fanan

    Buying: Bear M parts (shin, foot)

    Trying to complete a Bear M Set, if you have Shin or Foot for sell please contact me here or ingame. (IGN: Fanan Head Shot) Thanks.
  2. Fanan

    Uber: Christmas Ring 2020

    I had to wait three days to open these boxes, but I think it was worth the wait. :D
  3. Fanan

    Achievement: Kill Strike

    Kill Strike finally unlocked! :)
  4. Fanan

    Uber: 11 059 PED EP Recycle 2

    One click... that's all you need! :D
  5. Fanan

    Where did go that thread about the Hussk?

    Hello everyone. Some days ago I did read here a thread about the spawning of the Hussk and the fact that when you introduce the required ingredients to make it spawn that you would get back the same TT value in combat tokens. I found it very interesting and did come back last night to take a...
  6. Fanan

    Greedy "friend"

    Hello guys! I post here to ask for advice. I have a very old friend that keeps me asking for money! Almost every time we meet he ask me for money. We have great fun together and I enjoy a lot to hanging out with him but for more than 12 years that we know each other, I probably lent him more...
  7. Fanan

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    Always pick up everything that crosses your way! Even if it's common dung! ;)
  8. Fanan

    Selling: FFA Points (sold)

    Hello Looking to sell my FFA stars. Have around 13k points. PM here or ingame with your price.
  9. Fanan

    First skill to reach 10k points

    Hello. Last night I got my Rifle skill up to 10000 skill points. It says "Great Master" but I still feel like a newbie. ;)
  10. Fanan

    Imagine everyone have 100% TT returns, would the game survive?

    Imagine everyone having 100% returns or really close to it like 99.999%, where the Markup gained is where You profit or not. Some would say it's impossible and that MindArk need money to pay their staff and the servers. And yes I agree! No company in this world can act like charity but then I...
  11. Fanan

    Imagine got an ATH on this machine! :D
  12. Fanan

    Video sponsored by MA?

    Hello. Found this video last night. Interesting. Just take a look.
  13. Fanan

    Uber: Aurli Watcher 5188 PED

    Hello all! I thought would never post here again, been a long time since something really relevant. This is my highest solo hunting loot ever in one of the hunting fields that I like the most. Not much MU in it but I will gladly take it. (DOA Slugstorm L still loading) A little help...
  14. Fanan

    Selling: Gremlin (M) T2/T3

    Selling my Gremlin (M) Set. Arms T 3.2 Harness T 3.2 Thighs T 3.2 Shins T 3.1 Gloves T 3.1 Face T 2.8 Foot T 2.3 All pieces are full TT. SB / BO = TT + 330 PED. PM here or Ingame. Fanan Head Shot I prefer here on PCF because I login more frequently.
  15. Fanan

    Question: The time at which you play have a direct impact on your returns?

    As for example, playing on "dead" hours influence your returns negatively? I love to play at night when everything is calm but past 2 am GMT it looks like I could spend all the PED that I have and not getting a decent multiplier. I notice this for 3 or more years. You can also check the HOF...
  16. Fanan

    Can you see global swirls on shared mob and get no loot?

    Hello all. Last night a really weird thing happened to me, what in my opinion is bit disappointing. I went to check the atrax and cornundacauda spawns SW from Camp Caravan. Right after I tp to Camp Caravan I used my personal TP chip to jump to the field but in the last second I got one hit...
  17. Fanan

    Is there any mining representative at F.O.M.A. asteroid?

    As the title says, is there any mining representative at FOMA asteroid? Or do I need to come to the planet to finish my mining missions and open the next stage?
  18. Fanan

    What is wrong with your loot algorithm!

    Hello. I play your game now for more than six years. Since January of 2013 major changes happened to your loot algorithm and it was never like before. You called it modified loot, well since then the loot was total crap and most important, very very boring! Don't know what is your plan but I...
  19. Fanan

    Full condition craft still worth it?

    Is there anyone still crafting on full condition? The success rate is insanely low! On a 150 click run in textures resulted in 3 successes. Okay, I know that a 150 click run for condition isn't a great sample but I'm not even complaining on how much ped I lost in only 30 minutes. Following...
  20. Fanan

    What type of GPU do you use actually?

    I'm close to buy a new desktop computer, preferably by the end of the year. So I wanted to know what GPU is mostly used nowadays. My last 2 gfx cards were ATI (Asus brand) and I can't say that I was unsatisfied with them.
  21. Fanan

    Achievement: Commando

    That's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for Fanan! :yay: Last night I opened a new skill, Commando! Took me over 5 years to unlock this dream skill. Always liked more to hunt but at some point I got a bit distracted with crafting. Also at beginning I used a lot of laser...
  22. Fanan

    PriceCheck: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.1

    LOL Then I offer 15k! Other players devalue their guns in order to sell fast. You realy think that a gun able to take dante with a eco of 2.947 and with a range of 72+ meters only worth 14k? On my view any offer under 20k is just a pure joke!
  23. Fanan

    Uber: 6592 PED Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture

    They always arrive when you least expect it... :) Fun history this one. Logged in at around mid night MA time, was still at the window smoking when I saw a 2.7K ped HOF by other player on this same BP passing by on chat. For these low lvl textures craft is not very common to see loots like this...
  24. Fanan

    Buying: Omegaton A106

    As title says I'm interested in one Omegaton A106. PM me with your offers or post it here. Thank you.
  25. Fanan

    EWE LC-100 Frontier unL

    Hello there! I bought this gun last night from auction at a price that I think it was a total bargain. All stats are equal to the Limited one and even if this unL is a 50% cond it ends up having more usable TT than the Limited one. Eco of 0.87 PEC decay per shot! Would like to obtain some...