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  1. True Juan

    Buying: Run Speed (Acceleration) Buff Pet

    Hi guys, Looking for the best / cost effective / inexpensive pet that has acceleration(speed buff) unlocked. Thanks, True
  2. True Juan

    Selling: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 7 Tier 6 - SOLD

    Hi guys, Taking offers on this nice Cryogenic chip. With Mayhem Amp 1, its a pretty decent tool :) TIR RATE : 109 I prefer PEDs. BO set to 5000 peds (Or a trade for a shopkeeper) Regards, True
  3. True Juan

    Selling: Tegretov TR6 Modified Tier 5.99 - SOLD

    Hi guys, Will be taking offers for this fine weapon. entropiawiki: Weapon: Tegretov TR6, Modified TIR: 151/200 3.00 DPP Efficiency: 68.4% with Dante Its a great piece but currently concentrating on my shops :) Mostly looking for peds or easy to sell items so I can gather peds faster. Setting...
  4. True Juan

    Price Check Tegretov TR6 Modified T5.99

    Hi, Thinking about letting this piece go (sadly) but considering the pricing on it: Nice range, Nice dpp Thanks, True
  5. True Juan

    Ideas to improve shops

    HI guys, Since I started my venture with shops, I see there are a lot of limits and things that could get improved so making another useless thread with ideas on how shops could get improved. Show item sold At this moment we get a message what was sold, but once you click OK, it is not in the...
  6. True Juan

    Selling: Modified Ares Ring +2300 (SOLD)

    Hi guys, Selling Modified Ares Ring for +2300 PM here or in-game, True
  7. True Juan

    Selling: Storage Cleanup - Various Armor Items ( Pixie Adj, Gnome, Explorer, Pixie, Armor plating 1A, 3B, 5A)

    Hi guys, Dont have enough space in storage so a little cleanup. Selling following items: Phantom M All pieces Tier 3.99 (SB+2600, BO +3000) SOLD Mah'ketta (SB +700, BO +750) SOLD Taking fair offers (Try me): Adjusted Pixie (M) Gnome (M) Explorer (M) Pixie (F) Armor Plating 1A Armor Plating...
  8. True Juan

    Buying: Enhancer Blueprints with QR (Accuracy, Defense, Heal, Depth etc)

    Hi all, Looking to see if I can upgrade my current blueprints in the book, so looking for all types of Enhancer Blueprints with QR except Damage. PM me, what you have something I might want and the price you think is fair for both of us. Regards, True :bandit:
  9. True Juan

    Selling: Ares Ring Perfected +7500

    Hi guys, Selling this nice ring for +7500 :) Regards, True
  10. True Juan

    True Enhancers - Supplying the Universe (Calypso, Next Island, Cyrene, Arkadia)

    TRUE ENHANCERS Supplying the Universe (Calypso, Next Island, Cyrene, Arkadia) CALYPSO Medusa Teleporter - Shop 1:2 /wp [Calypso, 53410, 69317, 105, Waypoint] NEXT ISLAND - ANCIENT GREECE Troy - Moloch Gate 1 /wp [Ancient Greece, 38514, 22437, 240, Waypoint] NEXT ISLAND - ANCIENT...
  11. True Juan

    Buying: Xlite-W Sign or UGC or BPs that can make them :)

    Hi guys, Looking for this type of sign (Can be a UGC aswell) Xlite-W Sign Xlite-W Sign (UGC) If anyone has BPs please let me know. (Do not need screen/display) Regards, True
  12. True Juan

    Price Check Moloch Depths Stalls - Pricecheck & Question: Is it true they were sold directly to players?

    Hi guys, I am wondering the real pricing on this: (NOT 100% verified information - so can someone please confirm :) I've been told they've been sold directly to players for 10 000 peds (Probably...
  13. True Juan

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Ancient, Improved Tier 10

    Hi again, entropiawiki: Weapon: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Ancient, Improved RANGE: 160m EFFICIENCY: 90.5 % DPP: 3.275 TIER: 10 DEAL PENDING (Thank you for interest) Thank you, True :bandit:
  14. True Juan

    Buying: Ranked Psy-Blade

    Hi guys, Interested in this piece of weaponry. PM your price. Regards, True
  15. True Juan

    Buying: Kriegerum G.1 Gauss Rifle

    Hi, I am looking for my old gun I used to have like 3 years ago. I think I tiered it to T6. But if the second one still is around, I dont mind. Tier is not important. Regards, True
  16. True Juan

    Selling: 1200 Easter Strongbox @3.4 ped / box

    Hi guys, Selling 1200 Easter Strongboxes for 3.4 ped per piece. Price is firm. Regards, True
  17. True Juan

    Selling: Ghost (M) Set +270

    Hi, Selling this set. Regards, True
  18. True Juan

    Buying: All bought :) (LOCKED)

    Hi guys, Looking for these rare pieces. Regards, True :bandit:
  19. True Juan

    Treasure Island - Any official info from Mindark?

    Hi all, Im trying to get some codex done on mobs that were exclusive for TI and the spawns there just suck. Does anyone have info what the actual beef is with Deathifier vs. Mindark? Do we have any official info from Mindark about this? Is no-one concerned that a person that had a Land Area...
  20. True Juan

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Ancient, Improved Tier 10

    Hi, Due to me becoming a dad today (proud father of daughter Ela) and a friend of mine (owner of weapon) needing some cash IRL, I am putting this mighty fine weapon on the market. RANGE: 160m EFFICIENCY: 90.5 % DPP: 3.275 TIER: 10 SB...
  21. True Juan

    Disband ALL inactive Societies

    Hi guys, I think the title says it all. I think 90% of societies out there are DEAD. Making the game look dead. Not sure what I would base it on exactly. Maybe 3 avatars must have logged into the game in the last year for a soc to stay alive. (Or at least 1 or something). What do you think...
  22. True Juan

    Buying: Teleportation Chip 2, Adjusted

    Hi guys, Interested in this TP chip. Send me your price if you have it for sale. Regards, True
  23. True Juan

    Selling: Isis LR32 Modified T8.99

    Hi, Possibly selling my trusty weapon, due to another great opportunity. (TT is LOW). I will let it go for 11000 peds Regards, True :bandit:
  24. True Juan

    Buying: Omegaton Igni L1000 or EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted

    Hi, PM if you got one of these for a reasonable price. (Friend is looking for one, Tier doesnt matter). Thanks, True
  25. True Juan

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1100E - SOLD

    Hi guys, Freshly looted gun (My best loot since 2006). :) Tier is 0.04 (TIR 84 / 200) Got better weapons to hunt with so no need for me to hold it. SOLD: 9000 PEDs Regards, True