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  1. sahel

    Bambis hunting setup

    What mob did you go for if I may ask, or did you do a mixed hunt?
  2. sahel

    Info: New Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    That they are using systemic design is what suprised me the most from this news article. It will be a very different approach, but I think it could work well for EU. Finding out what combinations of items / actions etc work or not, a systemic designed world is perfect for that, if the systems...
  3. sahel

    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    There are a lot of errors you wont get a direct notification for as a user, but that are being logged in the eventlog. These might point you towards the source of the problem.
  4. sahel

    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    You could look in the Event Viewer to see if you can match any errors that possibly occured at the same time you start the client and experience the issue. If you have a spare harddrive you might just want to try a clean Windows install as it might be a faster to pinpoint the source of the...
  5. sahel

    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    I read it too fast, still it's a good practice to disconnect any unused connected devices. Plug your usb keyboard / mouse in another set of ports if applicable / possible.
  6. sahel

    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    Two general things you can do to verify the health of your Windows 10 installation: 1) Select the following line and press CTRL+C DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth Press menu start and type “CMD” to start the “command prompt”. Choose to run this as administrator. Press CTRL+V...
  7. sahel

    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    Can you name the brand / model of the machine or is it a custom build?
  8. sahel

    Help: How do you put a picture up without link breaking?

    When you click on the name of the file (its a link) in the gallery you get in the screen like in this screenshot, where you can see the links to use bottom right.
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    example image insert
  10. sahel

    Help: How do you put a picture up without link breaking?

    When you open an image in the gallery by clicking on the name of the file, look for the "share this media" part down right (desktop version of the site), and use the Copy image BB code.
  11. sahel

    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    50 dmg indeed. I sometimes got my mining claims in it, you only had a few seconds to extract before you died. I was not one with a modfap and Mammoth wasn't my find size either. ;)
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    Getting 50 dmg from the acid pools in 2005.
  13. sahel

    Where's Wistrel?

    I'm very fond of these kind of player made events, big props for setting it up! Free, simple and fun is a good mix for success :-). I hope newer players find this too and develop some intrinsic love for the game and the playerbase.
  14. sahel

    Help: Noob guide?

    I'm a returning player myself, active again since last year. My wife also plays again from time to time. We used to play both but she never dived into the game. I've brought her to Next Island and let her follow a lot of the beginner missions there. The NI helper website has very clear...
  15. sahel

    Beginner's Guide to Crafting...a new series

    Thanks for making these series! It's great info for new players who just start out crafting. Also older players who want to get their knowledge up to date should take a look at these vids, good chance you learn something new. Keep it up :beerchug:
  16. sahel

    Selling: Assorted Plants! - SOLD

    Hey, I couldn't find you / pm you in the game with this handle, could you pm me? I'm often online around 20:00~23:00 MA time.
  17. sahel

    Old Entropia Magazines

    Super, thanks!
  18. sahel

    Old Entropia Magazines

    Cool thanks :)
  19. sahel

    Old Entropia Magazines

    Very cool! I still have The Entropian somewhere in my bookshelf, but a lot of this I have never seen! An alternative download would be nice though, I tried a quick download but need to subscribe, start trial with payment option or jumping through other hoops that I don't want to right now.
  20. sahel

    Selling: Assorted Plants! - SOLD

    tt+40 for all
  21. sahel

    Obtaining and Running a Shop in Entropia Universe

    No, if you want someone else to manage your shop you will have to arrange a moment where the estate deed is in this persons inventory (arrange collateral). This person can then go to the estate terminal and claim the estate so he or she can manage it. The deed can now be returned to the real...
  22. sahel

    Question: MA do you need to patch? #zeroday

    Anyone working in / with IT security should be on top of this, and everyone I know in that field is. I trust MA enough that they do take this seriously and that their platform is not vulnerable (anymore). Besides the game itself, the risk of a hack might be much greater in the rest of MA's...
  23. Beacon Mission 2006 - 01

    Beacon Mission 2006 - 01

    Beacon Mission 2006