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  1. aframo

    Buying: Omegaton A105, Overcharged

    PM me here or ingame if you have one for sell. Paying around MU value
  2. aframo

    Selling: Lion Foot Guards (F)

    PM me your offer here or ingame. Take Care, Afroman
  3. aframo

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

    PM or add me ingame
  4. aframo

    Buying: Damage Enhancer BP's 1-7

    Prefer low QR for lowest possible price. PM or add me ingame. Take Care
  5. aframo

    Selling: Augmented Rings, Hermes M,L full set, Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Taking offers on following items: [Athenic Ring, Augmented] [Ares Ring, Augmented] SOLD [Songkra Corrosive Dagger] tier 1 (149/200) Full Hermes M,L set Hermes Arm Guards (M,L) 48.26 Hermes Back Strap (M,L) 108.43 Hermes Foot Guards (M,L) 57.58 Hermes Gloves (M,L) 98.16 Hermes...
  6. aframo

    Buying: Adj. EP-41

    Looking for a tier 3-6
  7. aframo

    Selling: Lion Arm Guards (F) SOLD

    SOLD Taking offers on this freshly looted part or trading for Lion (M) arms,thighs or gloves. Hit me a pm here or ingame. Take Care, Mr Afroman
  8. aframo

    Buying: Beacons & Beacon strongboxes

    Buying these in regular basis, PM/add me ingame Take Care
  9. aframo

    Selling: Omegaton M2870, Improved

  10. aframo

    Buying: Lion M parts

    Working on collecting a full set, still in need of following parts: DONE Take Care :)
  11. aframo

    Buying: Emik Enigma L5 (L) in regular basis !

    PM me ingame Affe Aframo Mr Afroman
  12. aframo

    Selling: Omegaton ASG-12 Bucketful Tier 2.99

    Hey! Taking offers atm, also open for item+ped offers Take Care, Mr Afroman
  13. aframo

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

    Prefer low tiered one, PM or add me ingame :)
  14. aframo

    Buying: CLOSE THREAD

  15. aframo

    Selling: FFA Stars

    Hey there, currently at 6k+ points but growing. Will be grinding for a few more days and looking to reserve the stars for a buyer. PM the rate you can offer
  16. aframo

    Afroman's Hunting Log 2021

    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman (2007.05.01) Hey guys! All my hunting results within Entropia Universe will be found here. I will continue tracking my TT returns and this time also add MU I payed for and gained from selling (payed/gained). The log will keep being updated in monthly basis and...
  17. aframo

    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Prefer non tiered, PM me your price. ty
  18. aframo

    Selling: Adjusted EP-41 Military,Tier 6.98

  19. aframo

    Buying: Improved Omegaton A105

    PM me or add me ingame, thx
  20. aframo

    CLASSIFIED Recruiting !

    - C L A S S I F I E D - A society for friends and friends of friends! Active, friendly/relaxed & no drama! Members from all different time zones! Bringing back the good old days soc hunts! Requirements: Level 60+ in any profession / 220K total skills (exceptions can be made if you run any...
  21. aframo

    Buying: Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 3

    Looking for a low QR, PM me or add me ingame
  22. aframo

    Selling: Afromans DrugStore | Pills, Loot & Gear |

    Welcome! Here you'll find pills, loot, weapons, armor etc. PM or add me ingame: Affe Aframo Mr Afroman PILL PRICE STOCK [AccuStim 5mg] 2 PED - [AccuStim 10mg] 5 PED 10 [AccuStim 15mg] 18 PED 3 [DevaStim 5mg] 2 PED - [DevaStim 10mg] 5 PED 4 [DevaStim 15mg] 18 PED 2...
  23. aframo

    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman (2007.05.01) Hey guys! All my hunting results within Entropia Universe will be found here, only the TT in/out will be tracked. The log will be updated in monthly basis, see post #2). Gear: Adjusted EP-41 + Imp. a105 (L) Weapons (L) Armors & Viceroy, Adj. Pixie Hedoc...
  24. aframo

    Buying: Dehera Immolation Sword

    Looking for this sword, tiers not important for me. PM me if you have one for sell and let me know your asking price.
  25. aframo

    Selling: Vigilante Adjusted M full set.

    EDIT: Close thread