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  1. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Evil Modified

    As stated selling Mod Evil cheap :cool: 4500 Ped inc TT (very low TT 25 ped ~)
  2. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Omegaton a106 (x2)

    ..... Sold
  3. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II

    Imk2 4.6 Tier. Some good tiers left .... SOLD
  4. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: PotE Set (High Tier)

    Selling Protector of the Empire Armour set. High tier hence higher price Asking 65k Peds only
  5. Liberty EXR-5

    Buying: Omegaton a106 amp

    Found tyvm
  6. Liberty EXR-5

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Modified

    FOUND IT, No longer looking... TY Looking for a lower tier Imk2, offering pure peds ... Will pay 63k ped~ :tongue2: ok I mean't Improved lol (copied the wrong part of entropedia admin asked to alter)
  7. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Empty Skill Impant

    Selling 270.17 TT ESI 835 % PM to buy :rolleyes: SOLD
  8. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Meckel & Lock ML-35 3.9 Tier

    Selling ML-35... 6300 Peds Price includes full TT of 230 Ped PM to buy TIR 63 72 80 97 95 132 93 106 99 107
  9. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Herman ASI TEN Edition Tier 1.9

    Selling Herman ASI TEN Edition Tier 1.9 26k Ped (or CLD equivalent) TIR 158 118 83 162 103 169 168 88 173 71 ... takes Evil or Dante amp among others
  10. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Sentinel Harness (M,L) with good tiers

    Asking TT+ 190% (below auction MU - TT is 339.72 Ped) PM to buy :) I have another normal tiers TT+176% TT is 308.22 Current auction MU value for Sentinel Male L harness is 196%)
  11. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: 1x Mutated Aurli Bone Piece

    Selling 1x Mutated Aurli Bone Piece 600 Ped. PM me to meet in game :tongue2:
  12. Liberty EXR-5


    I'm sure I've seen this discussed before but I'd like to raise this for discussion again. Recently, having deposited a rather large sum into game, I noticed that returns suddenly became very low. I decided to withdraw most of the amount I deposited. I have I believe once or maybe twice withdrawn...
  13. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Rockjacker Tier 4.9

    Selling Doa Rockjacker 4.9 Tier 29k Ped TIR 114 122 111 113 136 146 99 104 116 103
  14. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Adj 5b plate

    Sold 990 ped
  15. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Shadow Shin Gaurds (F,L)

    Normal MU is 299% but taking offers 150% + please...PM or here ok :cool: Item now on auction please close
  16. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: DoA Rockjacker 4.2 Tier

    Selling Doa Rockjacker 4.2 Tier 29k Ped :tongue2: TIR 114 122 111 113 136 146 99 104 116 103
  17. Liberty EXR-5

    Info: One More Please to join ISF ! :)

    We are currently looking for one more hunter. You should ideally have 180k skills, global regularly and have level 60 + in your main hunting profession. Message here to discuss or apply at society terminal. You wont need supremacy or that fancy UL gun or UL fap to join but when we get one more...
  18. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Adj 5b Armor Plates

    Only selling these great plates as fast lvl up cost a pretty penny :) Selling 3x Adj 5b Armor Plates 1250 Ped each :) To be sold at end of June see below...
  19. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Angel Foot Guards (M) UL

    Bargain .... Selling Angel Foot Guards Male UL 4900 Peds :tongue2:
  20. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Selling 4x Adjusted 5b plates

    Selling 4x Adjusted 5b plates 1750 ped each. Pm to buy :tongue2:
  21. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Angel Foot Guards (Male)

    Selling Angel Foot Guards (Male) 5950 Ped inc TT :smoke:
  22. Liberty EXR-5

    Achievement: LVL 100 BLP Sniper Hit

    Playing since 13/11/2005. took a year off pre VU10. Finally got to LvL 100 Blp Sniper Hit. Bought two levels of rifle just before Lvl 70 to get to Commando is naturally gained with mission rewards. Cheers :smoke...
  23. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: Angel Shins (Male) Tier 1

    Selling Angel Shins Male Tier 1 1100 ped
  24. Liberty EXR-5

    Selling: DOA Strikehammer Tier 5.7

    This fine gun now SOLD sorry... 17k Peds please and its a deal :)