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  1. akas

    Selling: First Gen Resurrect Chip VIII

    Selling First Gen Resurrect Chip VIII BO: 22K I take also Items + PEDs so PM
  2. akas

    Uber: 7.1K Cornundacauda

    Lootius works in mysterious ways...! Never quit and never lose hope :wtg:
  3. akas

    9.3K Longtooth

    It have bee a while but... Rifle is Modified Isis LR32 (L) + oils but even crap taste good with that TT sum. UL next time ;) Thanks MindArk :)
  4. akas

    How many Iron Challenge missions are done? Scipulor > Warrior

    Would be nice to have some stats here :) And please note that I made second poll for Argonaut > Rippersnapper so have a noce polling to see how far we really are with missions...
  5. akas

    How many Iron Challenge missions are done? Argonaut > Rippersnapper

    Would be nice to have some stats here :) Sry I forgot Longtooth mission so its added into a second poll with rest of moblist!
  6. akas

    WoF 2011: Team Estonia

    It's time to call to arms and Welcome to the WoF 2011 This is the recruitment thread for Team Estonia. Please register and include the following information. * Full Avatar Name. * Your vote for Captain and any preferred position for yourself. (main/support) * Anything the team should know...
  7. akas

    Buying: First Gen Resurrection Chip

    Case closed :) Thx guys
  8. akas

    Iron Challenge broker locations and missions

    Iron and Bronze Challenge broker locations and missions CFA Iron Challenge staff can be found on the following locations: Argonaut - Outpost south-east of Jason Center - Outpost (Broker name - Sandor Bauer) 768:791 1. 5 places to jump (Scout the jungle mission) = 25 Nova fragments 2. 100...
  9. akas

    Buying: Angel parts (M)

    Angel M parts. So if you have PM me. Got shins! Regards The Akas
  10. akas

    Are you Playing Less: Part II

    Mutch, mutch less. Dont see a point to invest time and money in with never-ever getting any good item/global/ATH Spent there i think 20 000 - 30 000 USD in 5 years and havnt looted nothing that stick me in it like it was a years ago I still blame my luck and stupid decisions but i will give...
  11. akas

    Buying: Combat Sense

    Bought what i need :)
  12. akas

    Selling: Boar M full set

    Ok so far not so good. So i going to keep it as a second armor. Thx u all for offers you have sent me :)
  13. akas

    Buying: Jaguar M set or changing to Boar + PED-s

    So if any of you are thinking to do armor downgrade PM :yay:
  14. akas

    Buying: Rifle skill

    Thx guys and got what i was needed :)
  15. akas

    Buying: 40k EFD

    So guys send me PM :yay: The Akas
  16. akas

    HoF: Longtooth with nice ESI

    Long time since i had any loot to show up with my name here ;) Click to enlarge Not mutch a HOF but nice ESI 344,54PED :wtg:
  17. akas

    Buying: Wormhole Chip Powerful

    Ty all who made offers. Bought what i was looking for. THIS TREAD IS CLOSED!!! Hey guys Looking subject so again if u have one PM :wtg:
  18. akas

    Buying: Heal Chip Moderate

    Case closed got what i want ajee :D So Moderate Heal Chip is wanted :) PM if you have one ...
  19. akas

    Feffonic order supreme sacrifice :O

    After long time they have got me for feffonic order supreme sacrifice... dont know where they are carryng me but somewhere must be that secret hideout where all sacrifices will be done :eek: Click to enlarge
  20. akas

    Are weapon cells from paper now???

  21. akas

    Brave newcomers :)

    The sweat we buy with pecs - its not goming so easy :D
  22. akas

    My first Chomper :D